The comedian joined Ian for a chat this morning

A chat with Tommy is never straightforward.

The comedian is in the middle of his Paddy Crazy Horse tour, has a brand new DVD out, has just wrapped up filming of Derry Girls and is back filming his chat show in the New Year.

So how does he do it all?

Maybe it has something to do with the whiskey in his porridge...

"I got tired of the clarity", he joked with Ian.

"Whiskey is my tipple. I wouldn't have the stomach for porter. It's like drinking blankets".

He's been living in Galway for 30 years now but Tommy reckons he doesn't have a particular sense of home.

"I wouldn't say I'm from anywhere in particular ... I've great connections to different towns all over the country".

"I'm kind of like a posh traveller".

He also gave Ian a major update on Derry Girls and talked fairies, wearing skirts as a kid and being less dangerous than Ryan Tubridy.

To catch the chat in full, click the play button in the image at the top of the screen.