The first ever female Ballon d'Or winner was asked if she knew how to twerk

Norwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg has become the first ever female Ballon d'Or winner, but the occasion was overshadowed by a sexist remark made by the presenter, DJ Martin Solveig, who asked if she knew how to twerk.

Is sexism in sport still a big problem?

Lisa Fallon, Head of Football Scouting and Assistant First Team Coach with Cork City, says: "I think it was an ill-judged comment. It's really disappointing to have a breakthrough moment fort women's football and the comment becomes the focal point."

"It's very clear that those types of comments are no longer acceptable, and that's a good thing. The culture is changing all the time and I think the change is unstoppable now."

Rio-based journalist Ewan MacKenna says it's a pity that Hegerberg's message about gender equality in football was lost: "There are still people who think such an outrageous comment is okay today."

"If we can realise that this guy made an idiotic remark, and that it was wrong, and if we can get back on point to her message, I think that would be a bigger positive."

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