John Caddell and Larissa Nolan discuss all things music

On yesterday's programme, John Caddell discussed 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' and its ban from several radio stations due to its supposedly problematic lyrics.

Larissa Nolan joined John for our weekly music slot to discuss the story further and explain why she thinks the controversy is "ludicrous and misguided".

She also put forward some other songs, genres and artists that would be banned if we applied the same standards:

  • The entire genre of hip-hop (misogyny)
  • The blues (toxic masculinity)
  • The full back catalogue of Led Zeppellin (objectification of women), the Rolling Stones (slave rape) and a good chunk of the works of John Lennon (gender stereotyping/domestic abuse)
  • Everything from the 1950s and 1960s that mentions the age "16" (statutory rape).
  • Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean?' - "When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no" (consent)
  • Grease - 'Summer Nights' - "Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?" (rape)
  • The Police - 'Every Breath You Take" (intimidation)

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