Foolproof get out clauses!

Ever been on a night out and when you try to leave it's IMPOSSIBLE.

Before you get to the door another drink is in your hand and you've been turned around and suddenly sitting where you left ten minutes before.

Fergal Darcy asked you for your best get out clauses and these are brilliant!




Fergal I do this ALL the time - can't stand the whole 'STAY, OMG STAY' that people say if you tell them you're leaving. - Suzie

The Irish exit is great before you don't have people saying ah go on have another 1. But if you do the Irish exit you do need to text someone when in the taxi or home, so people know you haven't taken, attacked etc. Alex in cork

The BEST way to make an Irish exit by far.....tell them you're going to the toilet....noone can argue with that. And then just slyly slip out the door - Eric

Best one is to just lie the next day and tell them all that you told SOMEONE you were leaving....that way you don't get in trouble!! - Laura

Ferg, we also call the Irish Exit, "the Kaiser Soze". You were never really there - Bren

So our Xmas party was last Saturday. At 12 I stood up and said I’m off because my 'bleep' of a boss has me working in the morning. Guess who was standing behind me? Yes, my boss. I was able to leave no questions asked... - Niall

A good one when you have kids is just to leg it and then text and say one of them is sick etc I know, I'm a bold mammy - Ciara

I'm from the States and when I first moved here I couldn't understand the Irish exit, I wondered why you couldn't just tell the truth and say you were leaving....but then I was honest once and was peer pressured into staying for three more hours! I get it now. - Kieran