It's the most random things we've heard in a while

James Coughlan hails from the coastal town of Kilrush in Co. Clare. 

Known as 'Jimi the Barber', he's a huge U2 fan and yesterday sent Dermot and Dave a photo of a man in a battered looking hatchback car, who he claimed to be Bono:

The lads couldn't figure the snap out because it looked like a recent pic of Mr Hewson, but why would a multi-millionaire be cruising round in a bit of a banger?

Well like all good researchers, the two D's went to the source to find out more. The thing is that none of us were ready for the bizareness that ensued. 

There's Bono's actual house in Dublin, the real Bono, the Edge, Guggi (Derek Rowan - avant-garde Irish artist), celebrity spotting, Spanish tourists, a Mexican girl, an ancient hatchback and Woody Harrelson out for a jog. 

Check out the story in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.