From mud pies with real worms to playing

Let's face it Irish kids were all a little bats when we were growing up.


Rita told Fergal about her goldfish funerals complete with guests, food and drink!



We used to take all the lodgement slips from the bank and then invite the neighbours in to buy them for 50p each. The bank got so fed up with us taking all the stuff they offered us free watches to stop! And we did!! – Rachel


We used to collect snails and we had the base of an old electric mixer and used to place the snails on the turntable part of it the spun around. we would twirl the turntable over and over to watch which snails "flew' off the turntable first!!!! how cruel were we!!!!! – Caroline


Me and my friends used to play 'girls on a boat'. We were two wealthy women on a cruise and we hated each other but then we discover that we're actually long lost sisters. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Hours of fun playing that in the hall in my house. - Niamh


Hi Ferg, we used to play "pub" complete with old table as a bar and empty left over bottles from our parents! - Denise 


I went through a phase when I was around 5 of sticking flowers all over my clothes and telling everyone I was the 'Flower Woman'. All the dead flowers hanging around the house used to drive my mum crazy!! - Jess


I used to love making 'mudpies'....made from mud, leaves, worms....whatever we could get our hands on....i would also sample it on occasion - Olly


Me and the girls used to LOVE pretending we were orphans, like the orphans in Annie. We'd get really in to it - one of us would even play 'Ms Hannigan'.... - Katie