Corina and Tracy take on #AskMeAnything

Behind every great man, is a great woman...rolling her eyes. 

For Dermot and Dave's first #AskMeAnything of 2019 they wanted to do something special, and what's more special than inviting your wife into studio to spill the beans on you?

Dermot's wife Corina and Dave's wife Tracy were only delighted to call into studio and reveal to the nation what the two lads are really like. 

Our listener's had hundreds of questions - from "What's it like sleeping with Noni?" to "Would you ever do a husband swap", and everything in between. 

This gave us a glorious insight into our favourite duo, where we learned of some of their most embarrassing moments, how Dermot loves silence whilst driving and how Dave's addiction to social media drives Tracy up the walls. Don't even get her started on his hoarding habits.

Those ladies deserve a medal!

Here's a video of the best bits:

Check the full #AskMeAnything by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.