The Game of Thrones actor has told fans what to expect from the final episodes

Game of Thrones will come to an end this year, with six epic movie-length episodes set to hit our TV screens from April.

The highly anticipated fate of each of the the show’s central characters will soon be revealed, however there are a chosen few who already know what will happen and Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos Seaworth on the hit show, is one of them.

Speaking to Matt Cooper on The Last Word, Cunningham has revealed that he knows exactly what will happen in every storyline and with every character.

Cunningham said, ‘I wouldn’t do the job unless I knew everything, I don’t pop in just doing my bits, I have to see where I fit into the story.

'So I know exactly what happens, and when and how!’

Cunningham also acknowledged the massive expectation the show’s loyal fans have for these final episodes, ‘It’s incredibly difficult to make something of this quality, it has to be the perfect storm… because any chink in the armour, excuse the pun, will show up glaringly, specifically because of the quality of the writing, so you’re not going to please everyone.

‘You can’t tie this story up with a bow, it’s not that kind of story… the ending will be bittersweet, so prepare for bittersweet, whatever that means.’

To catch Liam’s chat in full with Matt, press the play button on the image at the top of the screen.