'The jobs will be there, but they're going to change in major ways'

As technology continues to develop, many people are fearful that their jobs may eventually become obsolete.

How is artificial intelligence going to change the workforce in Ireland?

Jonathan Ruane, lecturer in Global Economics and Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is not concerned about a loss of jobs anytime soon.

"There's too much credence given to how sophisticated the robots are today. We're going to see artificial intelligence in a lot of other areas first."

Tom Kochan, Professor of Management at MIT Sloan and co-director of the Institute for Work and Employment, adds: "The jobs will be there, but they're going to change in major ways."

"The key for the workforce of the future is to be agile enough to adapt to change and to have continuous education, learning and openness to changing the way they work."

"The best advice the older generation can give to the younger generation is: don't expect your job to be the same job for 20 years and that it isn't going to be affected by technology."

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