You decide…

Welcome to the complex and curious zone that is Dermot Whelan's mind.

You may remember a couple of weeks back on Dermot and Dave, the Limerick native conjured up an idea for a new segment of the show called 'Bite Your Buddy', where he wanted people to go around biting their friends then send the audio of the reaction into the show.

Needless to say, he had bitten off more than he could chew with that brain wave. 

But our Dermot is a grafter/chancer who doesn't give up easily, which leads us to his latest masterpiece - 'Half Nine Howaya'. 

The mechanic is simple, Dermot sings 'Howaya' repeatedly to the melody of a well known song. All listeners (and we) have to do is name that tune. Oh...and it happens at 9:30am.

At first, we were all a bit bewildered but as it went on we actually got into it, with Maria admitting, "I actually secretly love it". And so did our listeners.

So maybe Dermot knows what he's doing after all? 

See what you think:

His incredible is feature back Monday (Jan 14th) morning so if you want to star as our new 'Half Nine Howaya Hero', send your effort to and include your details + the name of the song you're 'howayaing' to. 

Check out the fun in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.