"So are ya busy? What time ya on til?"

Taxi drivers have to be up there with the most patient professions on the planet. 

They never know who, or what, is going to hop into the vehicle at any time of the day and then there's the whole drunken 4am fares. 

Wanting more of a feel for what life is like behind the meter, Dermot and Dave picked up taxi driver Brendan Fox's for #AskMeAnything

Fox had some surprising news for us; revealing how contrary to popular belief, drivers don't actually mind when we sit in front passenger seat on a solo trip. So now for ya.

Another common misconception is that cabbies drive slower on purpose in order to try and do us out of a few Euro. Well that's not so, as Brendan shocked us with this confession, "the slower you drive, the less you make". It's all to do with speed rates you see.

Our new favourite taxi man also chats about a couple of disappearing punters he had one night and how "a slightly inflated" Ricky Hatton stunk his car out after being on the Guinness all night. 

Check out the piece in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the screen.