The writer and performer on overcoming cancer, her new film and the end of The Nualas

Writer and performer Anne Gildea was on The Last Word several years ago discussing her book, I've Got Cancer, What's Your Excuse?

Seven years on from her initial cancer diagnosis, she has now made a full recovery, which she describes as "a huge relief."

Anne's cancer journey was also chronicled in a documentary, and there is now a feature film in production based on the book. It has been in development for three years and will be directed by Ruth Meehan.

The story follows a comedian who gets cancer and meets a group of other women going through treatment: "It's about their relationship and how the cancer changes them."

Anne jokes: "I seem to have turned getting cancer into a whole industry."

She also admits that, since deciding to write about her illness, there were some "really negative voices in my life" who accused her of looking for attention.

Anne is best known as a member of comedy group The Nualas, who formed in 1995. She says, "We were like a Culchie version of the Spice Girls."

However, The Nualas are now coming to an end. She notes that, when they reformed, their audience was much older.

"When younger people came to see the act they absolutely loved it, but we seemed to get stuck in this rut of touring the same theatres in Ireland again and again."

"I'm really proud of the work we did, we made lots of people laugh, but it's time to do different things."

Anne's future plans involve another non-fiction book, which she is currently working on, and a one-woman musical.

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