We're not convinced.

According to new research, there's good news if you opt to share food with your partner. When we share food with our significant others we release oxytocin, our happy hormone, which promotes feelings of co-operation and well-being. 

While that's all well and good, you won't see us sharing our food any time soon. And it seems the Early Breakfast listeners feel the same:

Ugh Pamela don’t get me started! My boyfriend is on a health buzz so will only order healthy food when we go out – but he’s forever picking at my plate! Drives me mad! Clara

When we go out to eat I intentionally order something I know my wife won’t like so she can’t pick at it! Tom in Tralee

Pamela the reason a fork has four sharp prongs is so you can use it to stab the hand of the offending thief. It'll only happen once. Niall

Hi Pamela. Very simple and like Joey in friends would say “Joey doesn’t share food” -Aaron

Kids can have whatever they want but adults need to step away from me plate! Pamela 

I don’t mind sharing if I offer to allow them have a taste- but its when someone just helps themselves to my plate that I boil over! Steve in Ballina

I am in love with your comment about telling your 4 year old nephew he can’t have a bite of your food. A woman after my own heart. Your food is your food. Never share food on your plate or a take away order. Goes against every rule in the menu. Dave 

Pamela I remember we were in a restaurant in Clonmel a few years back and a table of 6 next to us had that girl who dips in YOUR sauce. One plate was being put down beside her and she reached up and took something off it mid air. I'd bloody kill her. Niall

McDonalds has a 20 piece chicken nugget box they suggest sharing – fat chance! Paul 

I'm the opposite! Give my food to everyone because I get full so quickly. My husband always finishes my food after his own so it looks like I've licked the plate clean even though I've barely eaten half! Grainne

Morning Pam, apart from steak I’m happy to share. My better half doesn’t always finish her plate! She’s the best lol. JB

While we enjoyed all of the above, this next one take the prize for Most Dedicated to the Cause:

When at school there was a guy in my class who would spit on his chips in the canteen so he wouldn't have to share...