These suggestions are all too real

Over the weekend, I had a pretty big epiphany. A far cry from my usual antics and debauchery, I decided to stay in on Friday night. Perched on my mother's rocking chair by the fire, hugging a cup of tea, I settled in at 9pm to watch The Ryder Cup. And quite frankly, I'm appalled at my behavior. I barely even recognised myself. Had I become an adult?

Distraght by this transition, I enlisted the help of the Early Breakfast listeners to pin point the exact moments in which a person realises they've turned into an adult:

When you look forward to cleaning the house at the weekend! Sandra

Morning Pam, my realisation came not when I first left home but when I realised I preferred to sit in in front of the open fire on a Saturday night watching Law and Order than head out on the town. Mick in Laois

I was in the supermarket one day and found myself muttering 'look at the price of that' and I knew it was all over then..Pat in Wexford

Pam. I knew I was an adult when I was up and ready on a Saturday morning with the time in single digits to open all the windows to air the house. Ger in Cork

Went on holidays with my parents and actually had to buy my own stuff. I was 26 to be fair....Michelle 

Morning Pam, I once came to work with Unbelievable from EMF in my head. I mentioned it at work and one of the new starters said she never heard of it. So i couldn’t believe it and googled it. Turns out she wasn’t born when it came out! #Old JB

Getting excited when you find a piece of wood that's "perfect for stirring paint"

A couple of Christmas's ago my mam asked me what I would like for a present and I asked for pots and pans. Brian in Wexford

The moment I knew I was an adult was when i started worrying about how I would get home from a night out before I'd gone out

Looking forward to winning streak!! John

I knew I was an adult when I was "dad sitting" while my mum was away. Prior to midnight I had to shout down the stairs at him "Will you shut up and go to bed, I've work in the morning." He was singing along to the radio. Ben in Kinvara

Morning Pamela, you know you’re an adult when you start turning off the lights when you leave a room as you go around the house .....  !!! Shiv

Pamela, I knew I was an adult when a call of duty game was coming out and I wasn't going to the midnight release because I had to get up for work...... Darragh in

When you look forward to cleaning the house at the weekend! Sandra

Instead of throwing old runners/shoes out, you keep them 'for the garden'. That's defo a sign of adulthood  – Richie