This is a no judgement zone.

Some times in life, you find yourself inexplicably attracted to someone. I experienced this recently, and much to my detriment, expressed my strange celebrity crush on Instagram. This resulted in many of my coworkers approaching me and questioning my taste, Post Malone.

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This revelation was met with mixed reaction - some people were appalled and some people agreed. 

This fueled me to prove a point. Sometimes in life we fancy people and we can't explain why. The Early Breakfast listeners were there to support me in my time of turmoil and let me know I'm not the only one:

Hi Pamela, Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong is mine. No one understands it. I think its the English gent thing.

Pamela. I have a weird crush on Mary Lou. The way she gives out from the opposition bench. LOL Brian the trucker.

Hi Pamela I have a thing for the blue woman in X-Men. Brian in Cork 

Pamela it's Kirsty Allsop for me. I think I want her to be posh with me lol. Niall in Tipp

I don't think mine is a weird one but I don't think its popular. Its Catherine Fulvio who does the cooking shows on Rte. Anthony in Cork

For some reason I adore Tormund from Game of Thrones. Caitriona

Has to be Miriam O Callaghan. Ben in Wex

Lucy Dent from dictionary corner on Countdown!!! Matt hauling to Galway from Kildare

My weird crush is Matthew King, remember the King brothers on emmerdale?

Noel Edmonds.. Ohhh yes!! Ro in Wexford.

Weird celebrity crush has to be Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Aaron