Anton is Blessed among women as he meets the Flynn family

Westmeath couple Philomena and Aidan have created something of a record when they welcomed a set of twin girls into the world last month. Little Mabie Jane and Elicia Kate are not alone. In fact they are the THIRD set of twins born to Philomena and Aidan.  

The proud Killucan parents have four other girls, identical 17 year old twins, Emer and Tara and 18 year old twins, Emma and Rebecca - born within 14 months of each other.

The odds of this happening are one in a million, so we decided to invite the one in a million family up to the studio, where Anton was left not just holding the baby, but holding the two babies, whilst interviewing the rest of the family!

Have a listen to the chaos here:


Sadly, Aidan is self-employed at his tool hire business in Killucan village – Aidan & Phil Flynn Agricultural Supplies Ltd – and couldn’t make it, so for once he wasn’t blessed among women, that honour fell to our Anton!

As Philomena explained to Anton (who was holding the twins for the duration of the interview!) Mabie Jane, weighed in at 3 lbs 15 oz and Elicia Kate, weighed 5 lbs, 5 oz, when they were born on 30 January at the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital, Dublin.

She joins identical twin, Emer and Tara, who are fourth year students in St. Finian’s College, Mullingar and Emma and Rebecca, who are doing their Leaving Certificate at the same school. Everyone finds it impossible to tell the girls apart, which recently resulted in all four of them being given detention at the school because one of them was late!

The Flynn family business - Aidan and Phil Flynn Agricultural Hire Ltd in the centre of Killucan village in Westmeath.

Emma and Rebecca were born in the Regional Hospital in Mullingar in February 1998 whilst Tara and Emer were a surprise, born in in Mullingar in May 1999. She thought it was a phantom pregnancy but she was wrong.

“It was quite early again into the pregnancy that I found out we were expecting a second set of twins. Aiden my husband just laughed, sure what you could do.

“The first couple of years were crazy. My mum was around that time so she was a great help. She practically moved in with us.

“The feeds ran into the next feeds and nights ran into days. It’s a bit of a blur to be honest. At one point we were going through 128 nappies a week,” she said, adding that a local shop Marshalls in Mullingar, even used to throw in the odd free pack as they were going through so many.

However, that was nothing for what happened this year, when Philomena found out she was pregnant again – with more twins!

A Radio First? Anton presenting a show whilst holding twins? 

Mabie Jane and Elicia Kate were a pair of lovely surprises! Phil had been planning on getting a hysterectomy but went down to the doctor as she was unwell. “He said, ‘Phil, don’t be ridiculous. There is no way you could be pregnant. It’s probably a kidney infection.’ I said, ‘I don’t think so.” He suddenly said, “You’re pregnant!”

Philomena gave birth at the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in Dublin and not her native Mullingar for medical reasons.

Elicia was able to return home, but Mabie needed to stay in the hospital for an additional 8 days due to her low weight and was sent to Crumlin.

Now the twins are both healthy and home and Phil says it feels it’s as if they always had twins and they are part of the house! She and Aidan never confuse the children, but others often can’t tell them apart.

Anton also struggles to tell the fabulous Flynn girls apart! 

The twins were all natural births and there is a bit of history in the genes in that Phil’s mum’s mum was a twin and Aidan’s mums mum was a twin

And the funniest part of Anton meeting all the girls? Well, it has to be using Mabie Janes feet to move dials on his studio desk, or was it Elicia Kate?

They suit him don't you think? Little 1 month old twins Mabie Jane and Elicia Kate Flynn with Anton.

Thanks to Clare Corrigan in the Westmeath Topic for the tip-off!