The record for the largest amount to be raised by an Irish start-up on crowdfunding website Indiegogo has been broken by a Dublin based company.

BionicGym has raised over €2 million after just under 6,000 people backed their idea from all over the globe.

Dr Louis Crowe's invention allows users to burn calories by positioning wraps around their thighs, and selecting a workout via a mobile app.

Here's how it works - by mimicking shivering, electrical impulses are sent to the muscles through the wrap. In turn, the muscles need more oxegen for fuel, making users breathless and allowing the heart to race.

Dr Louis Crowe, the man behind the invention, says 16 years of research has gone into his product.

It’s already been featured on the Ellen Show, and Channel 4's How to Lose Weight, which boast over 6.5 million viewers collectively.