Is this copyright - or copy-wrong?

You may not be aware of this, but our beloved 'Amhrán na BhFiann' is under threat of being used commercially.

Earlier this week it was reported by an Irish Senator (Mr. Daly) that 'The Soldier's Song' has been left "exposed" to inappropriate use as it's copyright ran out in 2012.

Christy Moore simply had to come into studio and get some things off his chest, as his patriotism was bubbling inside.

After a fascinating reveal about his own bit of musical theft, he told Ian how he has already noticed several examples of the plagiarism.

On watching Xposé last night, he spotted Glenda Gilson using the melody as a bed for a racy bit of TV, "wearing green french knickers and a balcony bra".

Some of his team also noticed Macklemore sampling the tune in a new x-rated version of his own anthem 'Thrift Shop', "I'm on fire looking at The Spire".

Even our own station, Today Fm, have taken advantage of the loophole with their dating app 'Koort Me', "the shamrock was so romantic".

Then, to top it all off, Christy himself has stolen the sacred ballad for his own purposes, and gives us a blast of it with his trusted sidekick "Murt". With a potential World Cup ahead of the nation - euro signs are in his eyes... #AmhránNaChristy

Have a listen to the adaptions in full here:

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