You may be surprised...

Looks may not matter if you smell hot and have a sexy accent, say scientists. In fact, they reckon that how you smell and how you talk are just as vital as body and facial appearance!

Like everything, looks and smells are subjective - as are accents. What are the accents that make you weak at the knees? Clearly a north Dublin accent is my favourite...especially the Swords accent! What about the listeners of The Early Breakfast?

(Spoiler: Cork does VERY well!)




  •  “Yes I agree with that text earlier! I love baldy men Paula. Don't you? And an Irish accent!” - Lisa delivering papers


  • “When someone can speak different languages ooooh yeah!”


  • “I LOVE the Cork accent Paula. Thick sing-song man voice, yes. Orla!”


  • “Hi Paula, Beamo again! My wife love my Farenheit. It makes her really go crazy for me! She loves my Little Island accent  as well!”


  • “The Castlemahon accent. (Co. Limerick)” - Seamus


  • Italian accents are amazing until the Italians start speaking English!”


  • “I love a soft Scottish accent on a woman. Not Glaswegian though (sorry). It’s horrible” – K in Meath


  • “I have a broad Scouse accent. The Irish girls seem to like it!” – Dan


  • “Good morning Paula, I would agree with nice eyes, the accent is important, a warm smile and a sense of humour, someone that can make you laugh.” - Kathryn Prenderville


  • “Paula, the worst accent has to be Dutch. Even hearing it pisses me off. Sorry!”


  • Overly-proud Cork-men with big booming Cork accents...fave!" - Ciara


  •  “Hi Paula, I just love the Piltown accent. Many a girl I have dated down that way. Great craic too!” - Willie Murphy from Carrick on Suir en route to Adare Manor


  • “I really like the Welsh accent on a woman. It sounds sweet and lyrical yet strong and independent.”


  • I had a teacher in school from Cork and oh my god her accent was the best ever. We still talk about her!" - Daire in Wexford


  • “I once met a girl who was half English half Brazilian, and her accent was so beautiful I would have listened to her talk for hours about anything”


  • “Hey Paula my sisters and I love a hard working man. We always say there is nothing more attractive than a High Vis, a Hard hat and a Hairy Hole!!” – Rachael (I am still laughing at this!)


  •  “French for girls hands down, and I've heard several girls say South African for guys, can't be beaten!”


  • “Paula I love a woman with a Donegal or Tyrone accent” - B


    •  “2 words Paula; Sofia Vergara


  • “Paula. Keira Knightly and Emma Watson have sexy accents” -  Des in Wexford


  • My husband's a Cork man and he plays hurling...I get weak watching him run around getting all competitive. His accent gets even sexier!" - Carol


  • 'Hey P... a posh English accent like Nigella Lawson, Helen Mirren and Mary Poppins even! Cracking! Throw some tweed or jodhpurs into the mix and schwinnggg lol!” - Tony the artist


  •  “For me it'd be a toss up between Australian and New Zealand accents.


  • “Any Eastern European accent makes me weak at the knees.”


  • Italian & Scottish. Especially when they're annoyed at you!”


    •  “Ygritte from Game of Thrones!”


  •  “Big Jim here from Wheatfield Prison Sweet P again, you just can't beat a husky   Ballyer (Ballyfermot) accent in a woman, olè!”


  •  “Hi Paula, Jim here heading to Dublin for a meeting with the boss! I'm a Cork man married to a Tipp girl and her accent is all I want to hear. - Jim and Maureen forever! (awww!)


  •  “The Roscommon accent Paula, yes!”


  •  “Paula I'm a chef from Cork and neither the accent nor the uniform provide any help with the opposite sex whatsoever! If I had my time over again, I'd become a fireman and move to Donegal!”