Fergal Crehan has all of the information for those looking to insure their house

Recently we got this email in to consumer@todayfm.com:

Anton, just found out last night when my house alarm went off - due to a spider - that I did not receive a customary text alert on my mobile phone which I always do

On ringing my alarm company (not Eircom) this morning mentioning this, I was told that Eircom have stopped supporting text alerts from house alarms at the end of June past.

Why on earth would they do this? Are people all over Ireland who have this system aware that they will not get an alert?

Eircom have not notified me about this withdrawal of service and I am wondering if my house insurance will be an issue as a result.

Yours, James

So, we enlisted barrister Fergal Crehan to address this issue on James' behalf 

But of course, with the morning that was in it and the news about Facebook rolling out their 'Legacy' feature  we had to get Fergal (who specialises in these matters) to address what this means to their users. 

And of course, Fergal had the best advice in what to do when you're buying your house insurance, how to get a discount, and when to avoid the discount and pay that few bob more. 

It's consumer@todayfm.com if people want to get in touch with us here!