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The Today FM School of Radio And Podcasting - Sign Up Here

The next Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting course begins on Friday 24th September 2024. You’l...

9:00 AM - 19 Mar 2024

The Today FM School of Radio A...

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The Today FM School of Radio And Podcasting - Sign Up Here


9:00 AM - 19 Mar 2024

The next Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting course begins on Friday 24th September 2024.

You’ll learn how to produce, present, edit, and promote your own shows and podcasts from award-winning radio and podcast professionals including  John Duggan, Andrea Gilligan, Stephen Daly, Ed Smith, Roisin Reilly and many more.

Where do I sign up?

For further information about the course, fees and syllabus please visit or alternatively you can email, call 01- 8773900 or WhatsApp 089-2037699.


What is it?

The Today FM School of Radio & Podcasting, in association with Independent College Dublin, is a dynamic and highly practical training unit, designed to equip aspiring content professionals with everything they need to know about creating world class content. Whether you want to work in traditional media, digital media, or create cut-through content for your own company or personal brand, this course has you covered.

Designed and coordinated by Patrick Haughey, award-winning radio producer and founder of Ireland’s leading branded podcast agency AudioBrand, this course is for people who want to learn all about radio and podcasting from the experts, but who don’t have the time to dedicate to a full-time programme.

The course is designed to be as practical as possible, combining highly practical class exercises that mirror everyday radio scenarios, and guest speaker presentations. Students will also receive their own Zoom digital recorder to use throughout the course and keep afterwards. Key skills learned over the first nine weeks of the course are then put in to action in week ten, as participants get together in professional recording studios and record an ‘as live’ radio show of their own.

What will you get out of all this?

  • A detailed knowledge of the key areas of the radio industry, what each area involves, and what it takes to secure employment within that area.
  • The opportunity to meet and work in-class alongside key Today FM and Newstalk professionals.
  • Knowledge of recording equipment and scenarios for radio and podcasting, along with digital editing skills.
  • Core skills needed to create engaging content – defining your audience, story-telling, finding great guests, interview skills, audio editing, and much more.
  • A portfolio of work displaying presentation and editing skills, that you can present when applying for media jobs.
  • Studio time in Today FM, where you will put together and record an ‘as live’ radio show, under the supervision of Patrick Haughey – course director, founder of & former producer for Matt Cooper, David McWilliams, and Mario Rosenstock.

The topics we’ll be covering:

  • Essential Research and Production Skills for Talk Radio
  • Presenting a music show
  • Recording audio using a variety of equipment and set-ups
  • Digital editing with Audacity
  • Creating powerful Digital & Social Media Strategies
  • How to prepare for and execute great interviews
  • Producing and Presenting sports radio, video, and podcasts
  • Podcasting – designing your podcast, recording and editing, marketing and audience growth.

Our final thought for the day...

Whether you want to work in radio, podcasting, PR, marketing, freelance content creation, or sound engineering, a knowledge of the ever-growing ‘audio industry’ and how to record and produce compelling audio content is key to success. The Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting will cover everything you need to know over 10 weeks, in a highly practical, relevant and creative way.

You will spend time recording in Today FM Studios, and leave the course with a portfolio of work (recorded interviews and voxpops, presenter briefs, editorial pitches etc) that you will give you a solid advantage in future job interviews.

And don’t forget the Zoom digital recorder that’s yours to keep as part of the course – an essential piece of equipment for working in radio.

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