We've Got A Massive €1,000 Holiday Voucher Up For Grabs

Hands up who wants a massive €1,000 holiday voucher, with thanks to Bank Of Ireland's Invested Webin...

12:13 PM - 26 May 2023

We've Got A Massive €1,000 Hol...


We've Got A Massive €1,000 Holiday Voucher Up For Grabs


12:13 PM - 26 May 2023

with thanks to Bank Of Ireland’s Invested Webinar Series

Hands up who wants a massive €1,000 holiday voucher, with thanks to Bank Of Ireland's Invested Webinar series. simply fill in this form for your chance to win.

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The rise in the cost of living has us all taking a closer look at our hard-earned money and how best to manage it.

While you may be understandably cautious about your savings, it's important to look at where your money is going, how to get the most out of it and how you can plan for the future.

With deposit interest rates remaining low, it's a great time to consider investing. The rise in inflation means you just won't get the most out of your savings by leaving it on deposit.

Interested but don’t know where to start? Bank of Ireland has all of the best expert advice with its free investment education webinar series – Invested.

Everything you need to know

One of the biggest barriers to investing is lack of knowledge, with around 49% rating their investment knowledge as poor.

More men than women rate their knowledge of investing as good (Men 33% v Women 13%).

That’s where Bank Of Ireland's Invested webinar series can help explain the fundamentals of investing and show how investing a portion of your money can help you stay ahead of inflation.

The 3-part webinar series will take you on a journey, from understanding your money to taking an in-depth look at what’s happening in the investment markets right now, and how you can improve your chances of investing success to hit those longer term savings goals.

Introductory Webinar

If you're brand new to investing you can playback The Why And How Of Investing - A Beginner’s Journey.

In today’s world of low interest rates, your money simply isn’t earning enough in your savings account to beat inflation. This webinar offers the practical help you need to better understand your money, look at your goals and plan for better outcomes for you and your family.

Webinar 1: How Many Eggs? And Which Baskets? – looks at how to invest to stay ahead of inflation.

Watch back this webinar to better understand one of the oldest rules of investing: “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  But how do you know which eggs to put aside and which baskets they go in today? There is a huge array of investment product offerings available, some with capital guarantees, and a real choice ranging from low to higher risk options. It is all about matching your needs for growth to the level of risk you are comfortable with. And that’s why getting professional advice is so important.

Experts Bernard Walsh , Head of Pensions and Investments, Bank of Ireland and Eoin Fahy, Head of Responsible Investing and Chief Economist, KBI Global Investments, advise on dealing with continuing market volatility and uncertainty.  Learn what are the key decisions that investors should make when faced with global geo-political crises, high inflation and a huge choice of homes for your money. This webinar is available to watch back now on

The second live webinar

Webinar 2 on May 31st - Investing For Parents - will advise on smart ways to prepare for your kid’s education.

For parents who wish to send their children to 3rd Level education, the costs can be significant. The expert panel will unpack the costs of sending your kids to college and explain how investing and compound growth can help you build up your savings to smooth out the costs associated with 3rd Level education. The speakers are Bernard Walsh , Head of Pensions and Investments, Bank of Ireland, Laura Erskine , Founder of and Yvonne Donnellan , Senior Financial Advisor, Bank of Ireland.

So if you want to invest some of your money and give it the chance to grow over time, rather than resting it in your deposit account, register now for free and learn more at:

You can also check out all their free supporting material here.

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