Early Breakfast With Paula MacSweeney

Here Are The Tightest People In Ireland

This tweet made me laugh so much last night: Guy in Aldi returning his trolley. I say, heres €2 for...
Paula MacSweeney
Paula MacSweeney

7:58 AM - 24 Feb 2020

Here Are The Tightest People I...

Early Breakfast With Paula MacSweeney

Here Are The Tightest People In Ireland

Paula MacSweeney
Paula MacSweeney

7:58 AM - 24 Feb 2020

"He'd peel an orange in his pocket"

This tweet made me laugh so much last night:

And this one also made me chuckle:


I decided to ask the listeners of The Early Breakfast if they knew any particularly stingy people... and I wasn't disappointed:


  • “I know someone who pulls the stems off cherries before purchasing them because he felt they'd weigh less without the stems and he'd get more for the money”


  • “I knew a farmer who only had one lightbulb, he would carry it around with him all the time. Taking it from one room to another if he needed to!”


  • “I have a cousin who invited their family over for Christmas dinner. She then charged them for their meal. Who does that?!”


  • “Morning Paula. I know a man that took the bulb out of the fridge. To save electricity!”


  • “Hi Paula - I once knew a lad who did the one bulb thing in the house he also used to take his wife's false teeth to work with him in a matchbox so she wouldn't eat him out of house and home!”


  • “Paula, I knew a county hurler who organised his honeymoon around the team's holiday. He wasn’t going on that holiday and made the county panel give him a voucher for the cost of the holiday, effectively making them pay for his honeymoon. To this day I don’t think his wife knows!”


  • “Hi Paula, I know a manager at work who boils a flask of water at work so he doesn't have to boil the kettle when he gets home, he is also on over a €1000 a week, and lives alone. Wonder why.”


  • “Paula I had a friend who asked me for 10 pounds the day after I borrowed it off him during a night out even though I gave him a lift to college for 3 years for free!”


  • “Good Morning Paula. A colleague of mine was working on a high profile, high pressure project with a deadline of 9 o'clock on a Friday morning. After working 17 hours straight to get it done, he went to bed at 06:00 on the Friday morning. At 11 o'clock the project manager rang him to invite him to an end of project lunch at 13:00. Since he was already awake he decided to go. The project manager made them pay for it themselves! He was raging, having missed out on some much needed sleep.”


  • “Hi Paula when I moved into my new house during the summer the person who lived there before me took the light bulbs when he was leaving. I couldn't believe it!”


  • “Morning Paula, we had a friend's dad who was renowned for his frugality. I was staying over with them one night and at breakfast the following morning the dad reached over, took a slice of toast off my side plate and scrapped the excess unmelted butter off it and said waste not want not, and put it on his own toast... no words!”


  • “Hi Paula, I once worked in a very busy service station as a manager. I asked after my second year there for a rise because it was getting busier by the day. I asked and my answer was we don’t have the money so I forgot about it and 2 years on I asked again and they said they would look into it. I saw the owner come in one day with an envelope in his hand smiling at me and said, I gave it thought and we decided you deserve a rise and handed me the envelope. I carried on with my day and checked the letter on my lunch. He gave me an extra 0.03 cent per hour. I thought it was a mistake, so I rang him and his words were: think about that over a month/year it's a lot of money. I gave him my notice the next day - definitely have to be the most miserable people ever!”


  • “Sister in law only bought a windscreen wiper for the driver’s side.”


  • “Morning Paula. I knew a family who moved from a house with house number 18 into one with an address with house number 81 - they took the numbers off the door with them when they went.”


  • “Hi Paula, a friend of mine asked a few of us if we had a few quid so he could join us in a Burger King so we all checked our pockets and chipped in. Afterwards he thanked us all and said, otherwise I would have had to break a 50!”

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