Leadership Developer / Firewalk Instructor

Regular Team SBS Supporter, Howard Hughes joined the team himself on this week's Sunday Business Show.

Howard has a very interesting leadership development business and also happens to be one of four firewalk instructors in Ireland. 

He spoke to Conall about how fire walking can assists people in overcoming the narcissistic core of their ego, which governs things like decision making and prohibits critical thinking.

While off air Howard demonstrates some of his other leadership development techniques and even got Niall Fitzmaurice of Team SBS to try one out for himself.

He also explained how interesting activities likes this can lead to better communication and leadership skills as "once we feel we don’t have to be everything to everyone and leads to a more open workplace and open door policy".

On May 5th - 7th Howard is teaming up with Athos of Eclipse Ireland and Elle Linklater of Linklater Consulting to do a MEGA Handling Change Weekend sessions of personal development and change management with a Firewalk and a BBQ in the evenings.

The weekend will cost €315 however there is a 10% discount for the first 10 SBS listeners.

To find out more about Howard Hughes and his interesting business and upcoming events, listen back to the podcast and check out his website on: http://howardhughesinternational.com/