Well it's her jewellery - not actually her...

Ireland had lots of ambassadors at this year's 90th Academy Awards ceremony, but one of the lesser known artists is Wexford jewellery designer Áine Breen.

Áine's business Liwu Jewellery creates beautiful pieces of work with an Asian and Celtic influence. All her pieces are designed and made here in Ireland. 

The "Everyone Wins" Nominee gift bags are filled with carefully selected products and holidays, valuing over $100,000 in total - and Áine's jewellery was some of the few chosen from around the world. 

You've got the likes of a 12-night stay in Tanzania, a week-long stay at the Golden Door Spa in San Diego, a levitating Bluetooth speaker and copious amounts of creams, sprays and accessories. Wowzers!!

Dermot and Dave gave the lady in the sunny south east a call to find out how she came to be chosen, what they were like to deal with, and how she got into the industry.

You can listen to the chat in full by pressing play in the image above the headline.