27 years is a long time...

Dermot and Dave got a text in from a listener in pain this morning, as Mark had a whopper of a toothache, and was in two minds whether to go the the dentist? Or hold out til after a trip to New York?.

We all know the dentist's chair is one of the most dreaded places to have to visit, and that it costs a small fortune to get any bit of substantial work done. This coupled with the facts that Mark's budget is stretched as it is, and that he hasn't been to one in nearly 30 years, doesn't exactly help the cause.

To see if they could help ease the pain a bit, Dermot and Dave gave him a call, and asked our knowledgeable listeners for their remedies. 

There was everything from chewing garlic, to swirling poitín, but it was Anne's sheep product, and the suggestion of a man (or myth) called 'Thirsty Tom' which had us baffled most.

If you have any guaranteed remedies, then let us know. We really want to help Mark out. Otherwise, for him, it will be the city where he never sleeps!.

You can listen to Mark's chat, and some of our listener's advice by pressing play in the image above the headline.