One Brave Families Generous Act

‘We lost our wife and Mam but there are four people out there today living because of what happened’

Organ Donor Awareness Week 2018 got underway on Saturday 31st March and will continue until next Saturday April 7th.

The aim is to encourage people to carry a donor card and to talk to their loved ones about their wishes.

On the 13th of July last year 40 year Aisling Davis passed away after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

She would have celebrated her 41st birthday tomorrow.

On Sunday Brunch Susan Keogh spoke to her husband Barry and her 17 year old daughter, Lauren about how donating Aisling’s organs saved four lives.

To catch the full chat press the play button on the top of the screen. 

And to get an organ donor card Text Donor to 50050