Clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Fiona Brennan called into studio to offer her advice on 'Mind Yourself Now'.

Every Monday, we dedicate a section of the show called Mind Yourself Now to help our listeners with their body, soul and mind. 

Today we welcomed expert, and friend of the show, Fiona Brennan in to take a look at the issue of social media anxiety.

The use of social media is a growing concern for every age bracket across the globe, as parents fear for the adverse effects it is having on their children, and users are finding themselves slipping into an unwanted, and sometimes unknowing addiction. 

Dermot and Dave chatted to Fiona about the serious impact it is having on a high ratio of people, across various platforms.

Fiona touched on things like emotional resilience, lack of awareness, and escapism, and how these all contribute to the problem.

As usual, she offered some essential information in response to our listener's questions, like Alison in Dundrum who's teenager is being severely influenced.

For more information, you can check out, and contact Fiona on her website 

You can listen in full by pressing play in the image above the headline at the top of the page.