'You have to work on letting go, and it's not easy to do'

A new HSE report has looked at the impact of alcohol abuse on friends and family members.

It shows that one in six people with parental responsibility have reported children experiencing harm because of someone's drinking, which often includes verbal abuse or witnessing incidences of violence in the home.

Professor Joe Barry from Trinity College is a co-author of the report. He says its aim is "to shine a light on the difficulties that arise for other people as a result of someone's drinking. It's a population issue that we do need to address."

Senator Frances Black says that in Ireland we have "a huge problem with alcohol harm." She welcomes the report, and set up the RISE Foundation in order to provide support to family members affected by a person's drinking.

"What's really important is that you can name the problem, but then you have to work on letting go. It's not easy to do and you do need support, and that's why we set up RISE. You have to be guided in how to deal with it."

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