and it was definitely worth the wait!!

He's an absolute gem.

We were delighted to welcome the gentle giant that is Gavin James into studio this morning, and Iano was particularly excited as he has been away the last two times he visited us.

The Dubliner told us the story behind his new single 'Always', which is listed from his forthcoming sophmore album Only Ticket Home (due for release later this year), gave us a feel of what Coachella festival is really like and thrilled us all with a live version of his latest track...

And he finally did it - the pinnacle of his career, Gavin performed a special Breakfast Show jingle for us. A 'James Jingle' perhaps?? Class!!

Gavin plays Live At The Marquee, Cork tomorrow eve, but has lots more Irish gigs on the way - which you can check out here

Unreal stuff as always from the man with a voice softer than the most luxurious brand of toilet roll known to man, and the cheekiest grin we've seen in ages.

Keep up the good work buddy. 

You can listen to the fun in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.