This new book hilariously describes what makes us 'us'

So what does it mean to be Irish?

Well if you're currently wearing an Aran jumper, holding a hurl(ey) and thinking about the weather as you gnaw on a spice bag, washing it down with a glass of TK red lemonade - then you're off to a good start. 

Written by Sarah Cassidy and Kunak McGann, The A to Z of Being Irish - From the Angelus to Zig and Zag is a handy list packed full of insider knowledge and quirky Irishisms for locals and blow-ins alike.

Speaking on Dermot and Dave, Kunak tells us how the book outlines, "the things that still make us distinct from other races, that still make us quirky and when foreigners see us they find it very charming".

The ladies navigate their way through the good ole 'hang sandwich', Padre Pio, COYBIG and all the other unique bits that are ingrained in our culture. 

It's nostalgic bliss with a cheeky look at modern Ireland. 

Sarah also makes a very apt observation about how the Irish like "adding an 's' to the end of everything", whereas Kunak laughs about one of our infamous farewell habits, "if you're telling someone you're doing the Irish goodbye, you're not doing the Irish goodbye". 

Muireann had a laugh at some of our listener's traits:

The A to Z of Being Irish - From the Angelus to Zig and Zag is available in bookstores nationwide and we highly recommend it. 

I'm off to get fuelled by beer and shenanigans and ask people to kiss me quick...

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