Dr Eva Orsmond claims just one chocolate a day could be damaging to health

Could Advent Calendars be damaging our children's health?

Dr Eva Orsmond has claimed that eating just one Advent Calendar chocolate a day can mean consuming up to 100 calories.

Joanna Da Silva, technical executive with the health and nutrition team at Safe Food, says these products are marketed at children, and that 'everything in moderation' should be the message: "Chocolate and treats have become the norm. People are spending about 17% of their supermarket budget on fruit and vegetables and 19% on treats."

"It's not about demonising the Advent Calendar, it's about our whole lifestyle and protecting our children."

Author and journalist Jen Hogan, who is also a mother of seven, doesn't think Advent Calendars are doing much harm.

"I think it's a little bit extreme. It's that tiny little bit of chocolate that the kids are having every day, and I don't see how that can really contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic as was claimed."

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