OTB Sports podcast network gets exciting new sponsor GetSetGo

The OTB Sports podcast network is partnering with an exciting new sponsor 'GetSetGo' has put i...
Off The Ball
Off The Ball

3:23 PM - 8 Jul 2021

OTB Sports podcast network get...


OTB Sports podcast network gets exciting new sponsor GetSetGo

Off The Ball
Off The Ball

3:23 PM - 8 Jul 2021

The OTB Sports podcast network is partnering with an exciting new sponsor 'GetSetGo' has put it's name behind the popular sports podcast.

Insurance intermediary, MCL Insurance Services (Ireland) Ltd., based in Swords, is launching a new online-only car insurance brand to allow drivers complete digital autonomy over their insurance premiums. 

GetSetGo offers customers a convenient way to purchase and manage car insurance premiums online without paperwork or the need to speak to an advisor.

To ensure its success, the company has invested €3.5m in technology and marketing, which includes a one-year partnership with the OTB Sports podcast network.

As the GetSetGo brand grows and resonates with mainstream drivers, the company will make way for 50 new roles based in Swords.

With the mantra “Let’s Go” and the tagline “Quick Start Insurance, Ready When You Are”, GetSetGo is set to disrupt the market and pave the way for insurance premiums of the future. 

The new brand will replace the company’s 25Plus product which was launched back in 2008 in Ireland. The company aims to make GetSetGo its leading brand, ready to service the digitally savvy consumer.

GetSetGo will offer consumers the simplicity and convenience of managing their insurance policy at their fingertips, at a time that suits their lifestyle and with added services including blackbox telematics insurance for new drivers. 

OTB Podcast Network GetSetGo Kerry Beckett, Marketing Manager, Quick Start Insurance, with, from left, Joe Molloy, Ger Gilroy and Nathan Murphy from OTB Sports during the OTB Podcast Network Sponsor announcement for MCL Insuretech at Marconi House in Dublin. Photo by Matt Browne/Sportsfile

MCL Insurance Services (Ireland) Ltd., which already owns the its4women, GetSetGo, formerly 25Plus and BoxyMo insurance brands, has partnered with OTB Sports to promote their new venture.

Hosted by some of the country’s best loved presenters including Joe Molloy, Nathan Murphy, Eoin Sheahan and Ger Gilroy, along with regular contributors like Brian O’ Driscoll, Ronan O’Gara, Tommy Walsh, John Giles, and Peter Lawrie, OTB Sports can boast 58million minutes listened to monthly, as well as 2 million stream starts every month.

Speaking about the launch and the new partnership, Kerry Beckett, Marketing Manager of MCL Insurance Services believes that the new insurance product has come around at the right time, and that the partnership is a logical one as they share a common understanding of the digital world.

“We are very excited about the launch of what is our fourth online car insurance product and one which allows us to compete in the mainstream car insurance arena in Ireland," Beckett said.

“GetSetGo is launched during a time when the world has had to fast-track its familiarity with working, living and playing online during the pandemic.

"A lot of drivers have been doing many things virtually throughout the past year making a product like GetSetGo - an online only car and home insurance - a less daunting experience and something to be embraced for its convenience.

“We are confident that our product will resonate with many drivers and look forward to developing the brand and welcoming up to 50 new people to our team as we grow.

“Our partnership with OTB Sports, for us, is a synchronisation of two entities that have fully embraced the digital world we live in. We anticipate our product will appeal to the listeners of the podcast series.”

Ger Gilroy, Managing Director of OTB Sports, sees the partnership as a 'win-win'.

“We are thrilled to be working with a dynamic new start-up brand, as the partner on our podcast network, GetSetGo is a brilliant proposition," Gilroy said.

"We know our audience aren’t just sports fans - they live in the real world and I’ve no doubt they’ll be using this product in no-time! It’s win-win.”

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