The Snap | Chargers or Patriots - where next for Cam Newton?

The future of free agent quarterback Cam Newton was to the fore on this week's episode of The Snap,...

The Snap | Chargers or Patriot...


The Snap | Chargers or Patriots - where next for Cam Newton?

The future of free agent quarterback Cam Newton was to the fore on this week's episode of The Snap, with a number of franchises being linked with the former Carolina Panther.

NFL analyst Cian Fahey joined Ger Gilroy and Ronan Mullen to discuss the latest in the free agent rumour mill, and they even got around to discussing some of the great Super Bowl's in recent times.

Ronan says a move to the west coast might be a good option for the 2015 NFL MVP Newton.

"I do think the [San Diego] Chargers would be a good fit in the sense of what we've spoken about in previous weeks where he has that sort of captivating personality that might draw bums on seats.

"The [New England] Patriots as well... there have always been murmurings that [Bill] Bilichick is a bit high on him, I know accuracy is a big thing with Newton, but I think Belichick would iron out those kinks.

"We all know Belichick is the sort of 'rogue whisperer' where he can get these guys sort of ironed out... but it's kind of his trademark that he brings in these guys who no one else wants to take a chance on, and manages to steer them onto the right path.

"With Newton I just wonder... is there a social aspect where in a low-fi Colin Kaepernick sort of way, the juice isn't worth the squeeze with him?

"Where a lot of owners are thinking 'I can't be dealing with all the press conference [stuff]... I just wonder if he hasn't 'done himself any favours' in how's he's conducted himself in the eyes of the owners you know?

"There's no reason why this guy is without a job, so you kind of have to delve a little deeper and just speculate why that might be the case.

"He will ultimately land somewhere, he's got potential, he was an MVP in recent memory so it's not as if he's a busted flush. He's one of the most entertaining players in the league when he's firing on all cylinders, so hopefully he lands somewhere soon."

Trent Williams is another interesting case study - considered to be one of the best left tackles in the game, the Washington Redskins offensive tackle wants away from the franchise, and Cian Fahey explained his thinking behind what's going on with the 31-year-old.

"Washington are shooting themselves in the foot here, because there's no benefit to forcing Trent Williams to stay in a place [where] he's going to refuse to play.

"There's been a lot of medical issues there, not with Trent Williams himself... but he does not trust anyone at the top of the organisation.

"Ron Rivera coming in you thought might have a little bit of an impact, but the relationship had soured so badly that Trent Williams is just flat out refusing to be there.

"A month ago the report was Trent Williams received permission to talk to other teams and work out a trade, but as far as we know that was a little bit of a leak and little bit of a PR move.

"Trent Williams has come out and said that Washington aren't being serious in these trade talks... that they're asking for way too much and they're not actually engaging with the teams trying to trade for him.

"I don't know how this is anything other than an ego move for Dan Snyder... it's going to hurt the team. It's going to disrupt a locker room there that's already disrupted a little bit.

"The best thing for everyone involved would be to trade him away for a first-round pick or a second-round pick, and not hold out for this haul that they want.

"Trent Williams is an incredibly good football player, and it's already really sad that he's not playing. He's one of the few offensive linesmen in the league where you can watch a play, and he isn't anywhere near the ball or doesn't touch the ball, and your eye just wanders towards him because he's doing something incredibly explosive or incredibly violent... and he's picking up a defender and throwing him over the sideline."

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