Win big money on the Cash Machine!

Cash Machine gives you chances to win life changing amount of cash every day! Tune in every day when...
Cash Machine
Cash Machine

11:39 AM - 17 May 2024

Win big money on the Cash Mach...


Win big money on the Cash Machine!

Cash Machine
Cash Machine

11:39 AM - 17 May 2024

Cash Machine gives you chances to win life changing amount of cash every day!

Tune in every day when our presenters will give you that days cash machine amount, make a note of that number and get your entry in by texting WIN to 57557.

It costs €2.50 to enter, you must be over 18, full terms and conditions are available here.

Get your text in by 3pm, when across the Go Loud Network of stations, Barry could be calling YOU!

Stay close to that phone between 3-4pm because you'll need to answer within 5 rings, tell Barry the exact amount in euro AND cent - then the cash is yours!


Check out some of our recent Cash Machine winners! 

Kelly won €80,854.06 on May 17th 2024!

Claire won €40,853.26 on May 14th 2024!

Jessica won €10,232.95 on May 13th 2024!

Katie won €40,390.71 on May 10th 2024!

Aoife won €100,782.46 on May 3rd 2024!

Katie won €150,000 on April 26th 2024!

Paddy won €60,068.94 on April 19th 2024!

Pauline won €50,839.77 on April 18th 2024!

Rachael won €10,354.13 on April 15th 2024!

Niamh won €60,667.49 on April 12th 2024!

Breeda won €50,683.76 on March 28th 2024!

Beda won €120,000.00 on March 22nd 2024!

Catherine won €40,649.70 on March 14th 2024!

Chantal won €61,523.68 on March 13th 2024!

Pauline won €40,918.72 on March 6th 2024!

Linda won €51,488.42 on February 27th 2024!

Sandra won €50,221.34 on February 26th 2024!

Aoife won €60,161.78 on February 23rd 2024!

Danny won €40,538.18 on February 20th  2024!

Gary won €150,000.00 on February 16th 2024!

Ashley won €30,462.47 on February 7th 2024!

Melissa won €10,248.35 on February 6th 2024!

Ita won €50,627.63 on February 2nd 2024!

Caroline won €70,739.80 on January 31st 2024!

Alan won €50,231.44 on January 19th 2024!

Patricia won €50,178.52 on January 12th 2024!

Kevin won €200,000 on December 22nd!

Garrett won €72,217.22 on December 15th!

Sonia won €60,724.12 on December 13th!

Trevor won €51,368.46 on December 12th!

Ger won €50,213.82 on December 11th!

David won €150,000 on December 8st!

Brian won €50,896.27 on December 1st!

Shiela won €30,264.58 on November 30th!

Rhona won €50,797.08 on November 24th!

Sinead won €133,456.77 on November 21st!

Padraig won €40,377.50 on November 4th!

Avril won €80,000.00 on November 3rd!

Michael won €50,683.97 on October 27th!

Kiara won €51,590.30 on October 25th!

Pauric won €10,719.34 on October 24th!

Celene won €101,010.61 on October 23rd!

Ray won €21,736.81 on October 17th!

Maya won €10,349.14 on October 9th!


Mark won €51,677.96 on October 6th!


Donnacha won €10,114.78 on October 4th!


Graham won €90,763.89 on October 3th!


Stephen won €100,000 on September 22nd!


Teresa won €50,447.76 on September 15th!


Jafar won €40,592.62 on September 7th!


Una won €21,436.95 on September 5th!


Anthony won €10,293.19 on September 4th!


Aine won €40,674.28 on August 31st!

Martin won €31,239.08 on August 25th!

Eilis won €10,491.03 on August 14th!

Kirk won €80,000 on August 11th!

Gemma won €20,762.40 on August 1st!

Anthony won €10,291.33 on July 21st!

David won €100,000 on July 21st!

Lorraine won €51,963.48 on June 28th!

James won €10,189.23 on June 19th!

Joe won €20,582.31 on June 13th!

Caroline won €10,748.18 on June 12th!

Adrian won €20,831.09 on June 1st!

Brian won €60,345.74 on May 29th!

Niall won €50,498.42 on May 23rd!

Vicki won €22,328.59 on May 9th!

Mick won €75,000.00 on May 5th!

Ruth won €80,772.04 on April 27th!

Justine won €52,253.44 on April 21st!

Louise won €21,138.74 on April 18th!

Jim won €10,816.22 on April 17th!

Yvonne won €40,323.26 on April 6th!

Shauna won €51,652.07 on March 31st!

Ray won €50,249.44 on March 10th!

Aaron won €51,407.08 on March 3rd!

Patrick won €40,524.47 on March 1st!

Barry won €30,271.12 on February 27th!

Andrew won €51,334.81 on February 24th!

Vaida won €30,199.52 on February 21st!

Fionnuala Won €20,887.78 on February 17th!

Annette Won 42659.46 on February 14th!

Alan Marks won 75k on February 10th!

Adrian Watson won €30,128.73 on February 3rd!


Tim Donnellan won €31,374.90 on February 2nd!

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