The singer had to ask a dancer for a reminder.

Brighton Pride was one of the highlights of the weekend, with thousands of people turning out to celebrate. The much anticipated return of Britney Spears was a hot topic and people were not left disappointed by the pop star's performance.

Unfortunately, Britney got a bit confused and forgot where she was performing. After her opening number the singer, unaware her mic was still on, frantically asked a back up dancer "Where are we?", before addressing the crowd.

After a wobbly start, Britney ended up pulling it out of the bag and put on a whopper show for the 57,000 fans. But some people think the real star of the show was her sign language interpreter. The woman signed all of Britney songs with absolute sass and star quality.

Britney will bring her Piece of Me Tour to the 3 Arena on August 20th.