Some real gems in here!

On Twitter the other day, Valerie Loftus who is the online editor for Stellar Magazine asked the question; what did you wear on your confirmation day? Great question! And the descriptions were brilliant - we loved our denims and our florals... and our frills and crushed velvets!

I wore a skirt from Swamp and a blouse I borrowed from my mam. I remember her exasperation at my lack of interest - I didn't want a new top and I didn't want to go shopping and I certainly didn't want to get my hair done. Is there anything as awkward as a pre-teen being told to smile for a camera? 

 There is worse out there, believe it or not:

  • “Paula I wore dungarees and DOC MARTENS! What were my parents thinking of, letting me away with that!”


  • “I had a black blazer and white trousers combo for my communion and a black denim trouser, black denim shirt and red blazer outfit for my confirmation. I was fashionable a good 25 years ago! “ - Andrew, Kildare


  • “I wore a Hawaiian shirt for my Confirmation Paula, my mam always let me wear what I wanted so that’s what I chose. The teachers were horrified and I still love the photos!”


  • “Paula! I wore lavender denim short dungarees, with a VERY flowery shirt inside, topped with my black leather school shoes! Deadly. Love the show!”


  • “Oh my god the most hideous confirmation clothes, mint green culottes and bolero jacket with an even more hideous frilly collar blouse, stupid shoes & white frilly ankle socks, topped off with HUGE purpley pink plastic glasses that were totally in fashion then! THE STATE OF ME!” - Hillary in Limerick


  • “I wore a shiny grey 80's suit with yellow socks and black slip on shoes...sooo bad!” - Dave Dublin


  • Hi Paula.Beat you all, white patterned shirt, black chunky knit cardigan, red tie, black trousers, black shoes laced at the side and yes white socks!” - Gerard.



  • “Morning Paula. I wore a purple 3 quarter length suit with a yellow shirt and a yellow dickie bow. Mortified looking back at pictures!” - Jim Lynch


  • “Paula, I made my confirmation in 1987. My outfit was a crinkled light-grey Miami Vice style suit. I thought I looked the business.” - Ronan in East Cork.


    • “Morning Paula, my confirmation outfit was a very fetching khaki green culotte and jacket with a matching box jacket and a cream blouse with a round lace collar that sat out over the jacket. Finished with cream tights and shoes! I was only massive!” – Martine, Laois


  • “Paula, as I share my birthday with Elvis, it was only appropriate that I wore blue suede shoes with my suit. TY, TYVM.” - Larry from Waterford


  • “An arran cardigan, brown trousers and brown shoes... you don't want to know about the hair!” - Paul the taxi driver


  • “For my confirmation, I wore beige slacks and a paisley shirt that Matt cooper or Noel Edmonds's would throw away! Love the show!” - Dave in Athlone


  • “Hi Paula. I made my confirmation with my brother and we thought it would be cool to order combat pants and matching jacket from Kays catalogue. When they arrived they were half the size as my parents measured in inches instead of cm. A disaster. Ended up with a pants shirt and tie!” – Richie, Wexford


  • “Morning. Brown, orange and red check flares. Brown corduroy jacket. Orange and brown tie!! It was the 70s Paula love your show!” - Mark Wexford


  • “Morning Paula, omg I'm getting shivers down my back just thinking of my confirmation outfit. I wore a red velvet trouser suit with flares, a cream peaked hat (like something the Fury brothers would wear) red leather shoes and a flouncy cream blouse. It was the worst outfit ever!” - Kathryn


  • “Morning Paula. Oh God, my confirmation outfit was horrific - navy  long-sleeved knee length swing dress with white cuffs white collar and a white fake tie picked by my mum and she topped it (literally) with a boat style hat!” - Laineymoo


  • “Good morning Paula. I wore a navy checked tartan skirt and a navy velvet bolero/waist jacket (trimmed with the check!!) Baby blue blouse!! And my Mummy crocheted a baby blue skull cap!! My friend had a similar outfit... only hers was a wine colour with baby pink blouse and oh yes...a pink skull cap! Think this was 1979/80!” - Maria 


  • “Hi Paula my outfit wasn't so bad it was a greed tweed suit with a fleck through it velvet trim on elbows and collar of the jacket and a lively little short sleeved cream blouse. It was the expedition to buy it was the problem. Trip to arnotts Mam sister and 2 aunties  were drafted in . I just sat in the shop and cried. And to put the tin hat on it the church is now a bus depot. Scarred for life!” - Grainne


  • “Morning Paula, I had a pink, flowered dress with box pleats in the skirt and a white straw hat!! Straight after the mass I accidentally on purpose I went down the street on my skateboard & ripped a hole in the skirt of the dress!”


  • “Hi Paula I wore a baby blue trouser suit, white sparkly top and silver shoes for my confirmation and i thought I was the bees knees!! And that was the year 2000!”


  • “Hi Paula, I got confirmed in the 70s in Co. Galway and wore full on white dress and veil. Were we in a time warp?” - Jacqui on road from Cork to Dublin .


  • “Morning Paula. I wore a light grey and lemon 3 piece suit with a 1 inch black leather tie and shiny black slip on shoes. I honestly thought I rocked the late 80s!” - Mick in Wicklow


  • “Hi Paula I wore baby pink and blue striped suit with baby blue blouse. My friend was dressed like little Bo Peep - she had a bonnet and frilled brolly lol 1984!”


  • “Hi Paula for my confirmation I wore a cream skirt, high neck white blouse and a red jacket. I also had a hairband of real flowers which was a brill idea seeing as I am allergic to wasps.” - Jenny


  • “Paula, my mother had me in a denim shirt, denim jeans and a denim jacket... TRIPLE DENIM (around 1993) If she could have found denim runners I'd have had the full house!” - Del, Waterford


  • “Hey Paula, I had a blue and white striped two piece top and skirt combo. Doesn't sound too bad right? Well what if I told you that the top stripes were horizontal and the skirt stripes were vertical!!!! I was like a flippin’ test car!”


  • “I went to school in Owning. I had my confirmation in Piltown church in ‘83 and I wore a green velvet skirt with a cream blouse and I had a green velvet waistcoat over the blouse. I thought I was gorgeous but now the photo terrifies me!” - Ann Phelan


  • “Hi Paula, made my confirmation in 1990. Wore a denim outfit, culottes, jacket with puff shoulders and a lovely flowery shirt underneath with red shoes! Only problem was there were 4 others with the same outfit in the church. The bishop even commented when I came up to get confirmed oh! I’ve sees a few of these outfits already today! Scarred for life!” - June from Limerick but living in Wicklow


  • “Hi Paula, Confirmation in 1992 - Pepe jeans Pepe denim shirt Pepe denim jacket, I was never cooler!” - Rory