Does it rhyme with gone or cone?

There are some questions in life to which we cannot give a definitive answer: What is the meaning of life? Can we cry underwater? How do you pronounce the word scone? Whatever about the first two questions, the third is the most important. With varying pronunciations up and down the country, I wanted to find out once and for all how the people of Ireland pronounce it.

Our poll on Twitter suggests the majority of people on our fine island prefer the pronunciation that rhymes with cone, rather than the version that rhymes with gone. However, our Early Breakfast listeners provided some mixed feedback:

Silent it's  Scon(E) Graham

Take away the "sc" and replace it with G  pronounce it now. Anthony from Newry

Morning to you. How do you say the word gone? There's an e at the end of that too. No further questions your honour. Baz in Monaghan

GONE...SCONE. ? Thats why ! Pat

I have a masters in English Language and Literature  it's Scon (E) Graham

 Morning. The reason we in Donegal say scon. Is the way it’s pronounced in Irish. Paddy

Fifth & sixth are pronounced fith & sicth for some stupid reason- keeping me entertained on drive from Malaga to Santander- gracias. Gerry

Take away the s and it spells cone

If folk want to use the word Gone as an example of how to pronounce scone, what about the word bone?? Do they say Bon or Bone?? 

People in glass houses should not throw STONS! 

If your RACHEL ALLEN, It's scone, English sounding?

Hey pamela, fastest bun in the world?  Scone! ( 's gone )   Does that answer the question. Brendan

Has to be scone as it rhymes with bone!

This map shows the results of a study from the University of Cambridge so it seems there is a lot of variation in how we pronounce the word. 

However the real question is: raisins or no raisins?