According to the listeners of the Early Breakfsat

In today's Irish Daily Star, they've given the Top Ten Tips for a happy and balanced home life. These tips include always being open to have family talks, a family meal together at least twice a week, saying I love you once a day and affection isn't just for the kids!


Listeners of the Early Breakfast had more tips on how to be content: 


  • “Got a job I enjoy doing, enough money to live on, tools to make stuff. Maybe I'm easily satisfied, but that's all I need!”


  • “I wake up in the morning and say out loud, I deserve to happy! Puts me in a great mood almost every time!”


  • “I have no debt, I'm healthy and I'm able to spend time doing things that I like doing. Football, games, music.... I'm not rich and I would love the extra luxury, but being unhappy about that won't do me much good!”


  • “Paula, I hope you, Aidan and bump are all well? In that Happy Family list, was there no mention of hugs or kisses, or did I miss them? Surely they are biggies for everyone to give and receive!!?? Thanks!” - Rory


  • “Morning Sweet P. Every morning I get up i just say, "Don't look back, it's not where I'm heading!” – Shay


  • “I've made myself realise regardless of if I make bad or good decisions, I experience them, take something from it, and move on. Regret and guilt are useless emotions!”


    • “Always look forward because all looking back does is give you is a sore neck!”


  • I've got nearly everything I want and need, except for stupid, very expensive things. That’s ok!” 


  • “Honestly, I decided not to be unhappy and mad at life.This isn't a speech or anything but I found taking the time to be angry or sad about situations was more draining and time consuming than if I was happy or did a slight IDGAF attitude to some!”


  • “Paula, if things are ever getting on top of me I try to remember that there's millions of people in far worse situations who would swap places with me in the blink of an eye, it's all about perspective!” From Alan


  • “Morning Paula. Every night before you go to sleep, think of 3 good things that happened that day, no matter how small, like getting to work safely or on time... replace any negative thoughts with this. Another one is to tell yourself every day you are amazing, beautiful, courageous, brave, strong, and one day you'll start to believe it. Now, I'm off to the gym!” – E in Cork


  • “Paula. I found I was always mad at the world and then one day my wife gave me a kick up the backside and I changed my job, my diet, took up exercise and now every evening I take 1 hour for exercise and I have such a positive outlook now. I love life. Love the show!” - Brian the trucker


  • “I put the effort into life that I want out of it. I don't ignore problems, and have learned to pick my battles. I live purposefully, and recognize that while people affect my life, how I handle myself is what matters.”


  • “I have a good job, I have a good family, and I have good friends. I'm content!”


  • “Morning Paula, I’m on the way to work, it s sunny and lovely, I can't wait for my morning coffee, and your lovely tips have put me in a good mood! Have a good day and thanks for the nice start to it” - Jo