Danger danger...

There is a TV show on Channel 5 tonight called The New Wife that, according to today’s Herald, “takes reality TV to a new level of idiocy."

The basic concept is: a man lives for a week with his ex-partner, his current girlfriend and all their kids. Producers wanted to make a series out of it, but couldn’t find any participants (I wonder why!) and so it’s just the one episode that will be aired.

Not their finest idea… in fact, probably hands down the worst idea ever. Or is it?

Some of the listeners of the Early Breakfast have had some pretty bad ideas in the past too…



  • “Climbed into a tree and tied a rope to a branch. Wrapped the rope around my middle section and jumped off. To this day, I really think my back problems came from that moment!”


  • “I put my favorite songs as my alarms. It took me three songs that I now hate to work out where I had gone wrong!”


  • “Cleaned hair out of my razor with my finger yesterday, had lovely parallel skin cuts that bled all morning!”


  • “Putting my baby finger in the pencil sharpener just to see what would happen. I was 5 years old and still have a little scar from where I popped off the top of my finger!”


  • “Drunk me decided to make some toast but one piece was caught and started burning. Cue me placing a knife in a toast...oops. Luckily the fuse tripped and saved me!"


  • “Tongue in electrical socket!”


  • “Hi Paula, I decided to trim my eyebrows with a new electric shaving kit (that my wife bought me) before a family holiday and completely cleaned off my right eyebrow! All the holiday photo are crazy looking to this day!” - Ciaran, Sligo


  • “Hey Paula, believe it or not but back when I worked in a meat factory, it was my job to get the boxes of meat to weigh 30kg so I'd have to trim small pieces off to get the correct weight. One day a young lad started work and I gave him a knife so he'd trim and I'd pack. He was unable to do it correctly so after showing him, he decided that the kife was blunt… and ran it across the palm of his hand. Thankfully he didn't put too much pressure on it and it wasn't a deep cut. Needless to say, after he got patched up, he was handed a broom!” - Jeff


  • “Hey Paula. Power washing the deck, got very thirsty but too lazy to go into the house and get a drink, figured if I pulled the trigger lightly and quickly… bye tonsils!”


  • “Hi Paula when I was first in the country from France 21 years ago I never used a kettle before. So one day I wanted hot chocolate and I put the milk in the kettle. I was hours cleaning the burnt milk after. Never got my hot chocolate that day!” - Olli