"I was dressed as the Pink Panther and just kept lashing her with my tail!”

Paula just wanted to say that I am one happy Limerick lad here this morning! Met a girl about a month ago on Tinder! What can I say! Went to the Cliffs of Moher yesterday evening for a 10k walk on the cliffs with her… time well spent! I’ll keep you updated! J in Limerick


Interesting! As I always say; god bless Tinder! How did you meet your other half? Some great stories by the listeners of the Early Breakfast:


  • “Paula I’m so glad I met my other half before online dating. I met her in the booze aisle of Super Valu 15 years ago and never looked back!” Tim


  • “Met my now-wife of 19 years on a blind date which she had 4 other girls with her in Rody Bolands!


  • “Hi Paula. I rear ended my wife. Sounds dirty I know. Had to meet to sort out insurance… and 10 years later, I am still bumping in to her!” - Jim in Killeen


  • “An Esso garage in 2002!”


  • “Good morning Paula. So I met my fiancée in my work place. I’m a barista. One day I decided to stick my number on the side of the cup. A few days later got a txt. Together 7 years now and getting married in April!” – Niall


  • “Tinder Paula and getting married in 3 weeks!”


  • “Paula after fancying my wife from a teenager, my chance came one night in Dannos nightclub in Clonmel, my only issue was shyness and some other guy in the outer limits of our group who mentioned he was trying for her attention that night too. She went out dancing with her girlfriends and I seized my opportunity, yer man came out behind me and what happened next can only be described as a Run DMC dance off, one by one all the others left and it was down to me and him? Mano a Mano? Last ones standing? Who would triumph? Well she took my hand and whispered You're the worst dancer ever, wanna get a drink? 17 years later she still laughs at my dancing!” - Niall in Tipp


  • “Met my wife 11 years ago. Was working as a doorman in a bar in Newry and threw her and her friends out. Ended up chatting to her for a while and the rest is history!” - A.H in Newry'


  • “Hey Paula. I came home from Oz one Christmas for a holiday. I was asked to be a wing-man on my mates date as his date was brining a wing-woman. This the night before I was going back to Oz...  wingman and wing woman hit it off. 19 years and 3 kids later, still going strong!” – Paul


  • “Hi Paula I met my now girlfriend when we were kids about 5 I've liked her for years but couldn't build up the courage to tell her as we've been friends all our lives. She's had relationships and so have I. I used to tell her I liked her and she would say we are friends and I'd say I'm just joking to save embarrassment. Now 5 years on I got her and we have a beautiful family!”


  • “Good Morning Paula, so I was in a bar with my friend and as we were both waiting for ages to get served when this girl walked up stood between us and said "I bet I get served before you do" (as she readjusts her cleavage) I said "well he used to own this bar and I worked here so let's see" sure enough the barman ignored us and asked the girl what she wanted she made her order and said whatever the lads are having, and that was that almost six years now!”


  • “Paula I started a job on Monday, asked out on Tuesday. Went on a date on Friday & Saturday in Eniskerry he asked me to marry him.  We will be 40 years married next year- 2 children & 7 grandchildren later - life is great. Say hello to Ken!"


  • “Hey Paula, I met my fiancé on the Aran islands 4 years ago next weekend. I was on a stag do, she was on a girls weekends away. Her friends were doing shots, she can't handle shots and turned to me and gave me hers and said sure we won't see you stuck We're getting married in September!” – Peter in Clare


  • “My now wife was out training with her Club and her fella when she decided to throw a rock into Howth harbour. Hit me on the head. That was thirty six years ago and were going strong since the next day. Married 27 years and two cracking kids all gone through collage with great jobs. We’re as strong and loved up as that day!”


  • “I met my love doing a stop search in Gatwick airport Security guard. Chatting her up, asked her out, we were together for 8great years. She left this world, loved her then, love her still. 22years ago. Great show!” - Martin


  • “Hi Paula. 10 years ago, was on night out with work. Ended up messy in a nightclub as you do. Good friend of mine fell over drunk and spilt his drink all over a girls dress... I swooped in and saved the day, she is now my wife and the mother to my 2 amazing children!” – Mark, Dundrum


  • “Paula asked my now missus to a 10mile road race in Bundoran. Thought it was a great way to show off but spent the whole race worried I'd do a bad race and look like an eejit. Turned out she was the same, so the 2 of us ran our little legs off and PB's for the both of us. We're together 8 years and still go back and do the race every year!”


  • “Hi Paula. I first met my now wife in Monaghan town. There was a drunk guy giving her a lot of hassle on the street so I stepped in and told him to leave her alone. He told me to mind my own business and kept giving her abuse so I decked him and put him on his back. She then told me she had things under control and she had no choice other than to arrest me for assault. I persuaded her to come for dinner the next evening and we're together since. That was 18 yrs ago!”


  • “Met my beautiful wife 7 years ago. She was the receptionist in my gym. When she was happy with physique she allowed me ask her out!” - Paddy


  • 'I met my wife in mangans nightclub in cork, I was dressed as the pink panther and just kept lashing her with my tail...Darren Morgan in cork '


  • “I met my wife in Mangans nightclub in Cork. I was dressed as the Pink Panther and just kept lashing her with my tail!” - Darren Morgan in Cork