This is why Peter Pan refused to grow up.

Watching the news, paying bills, reading about the economy, taking an interest in the garden, explaining to kids what life was like in the "olden days" even though you're only 32... There are times in your life when you think, where did my youth go? When did I become an adult, doing adulty things? When did life become a game of "who's the most tired?"

One thing is for sure; we're all just getting on with things, doing what we can and hoping for the best. Remember when you would look at your parents in wonder because they knew it all and could fix anything? Well, they hadn't a clue either, and they were just hoping for the best too. It's true!

Here are some moments the listeners of The Early Breakfast realised they're were fully-fledged adulty adults. 



  • “Paula my my adulty moment was when the kids asked me about when I was younger or back in the olden days as they so nicely put it. I'm only 32!” - Andy in Galway


  • “Hi Paula, isn’t being an adult just starting all your emails and texts with.... sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner... as for budgeting? What’s that?” - Pa in Limerick, 38 and a half.


  • “Paula I love nothing better than kicking off the shoes and watching the 6:1 News. #adult”


  • “Paula I wrote a will last year and completely freaked myself out – nothing as scary as facing up to your own immortality!”


  • “I bought a slow cooker after seeing your dinners on Insta Paula – I is adulting”! – Karen


  • “The day I turned into an adult was when I left the Ireland rugby game in pub last Saturday 5 minutes before the end to collect kids... missing that drop goal! Kids come first!” - Bob in Mullingar


  • “Hi Paula, my adulty-ness hit me last week when I had to pick a secondary school for my son. He got places in 2 different schools and we had to think about his future. Scary stuff!” - Ela


  • “Paula I have begun to take a keen interest in the garden, which 5 years ago I would have laughed at”


  • “Feel like an adult last Thursday... heading to the darts in 3Arena when the wife rings to say that our first child is going to be born the next morning. Time to man up! I turned on me heel and left d lads to it. All ended well! Love the show!” - Sean


  • “I get up every morning by myself without being screamed at 100 times or having the blankets pulled off me, now that’s adulting!”


  • “I became an adult when I brought my washing home and my ma found female underwear in it.” – George


  • “Paula, I now have two kids - that crept up on me!!” - Mat in Portlaoise


  • “Paula I bleed a radiator therefore I adult”


  • “Sweetpea I must be a adult, I've gone from falling out of a taxi at 4am saying goodnight to getting into a van at 4 am saying good morning!” - Jayo


  • “Hey Paula I got married in May 1989 when I was 18 and sat the Leaving Cert a month later. Adulthood hit me with a bang!” - Eric the painter. PS - still madly in love with my most beautiful wife Caitriona


  • “I trimmed my own ear hair yesterday BY MYSELF. Without my girlfriend’s help.” - Graeme travelling from Buncrana to Galway


  • “When you have to shave your nose and ear hair Paula, and when you start carrying tissues in your pocket!”


  • “Morning Paula. I think I’m just after hitting adulting because you said you were going to give that lad at the darts a good clip around the ear and I was saying, that makes sense! Have a good day.” - Niall Portlaoise


  • “Good morning - first time I realised I was an adult was when I found myself anxiously watching the sky and praying I'd get home before the rain to rescue the clothes on the line... it was a sobering realisation for me!” - Annemarie in Galway


  • “Morning Sweet P.I realised I'm an adult when the Doctor is half me age!”


  • “Hi Paula. It dawned on me that I'm an adult when I was up on a Saturday morning and had all the windows in the house open to air the place. I still look around when an adult tells a child to get out of the man’s way to see who they are talking about!” - Ger in Cork.


  • “Paula I feel the most adultey when I get a phone call and they ask to speak to the bill payer, I usually pause for a second. Then there’s a moment of realisation before sighing and saying yes yes that's me.” - Tom in Wexford


  • “Hi Paula, no spoofing in my text... think I was mentally always an adult and. Just needed my body to catch up with my old man head!”


  • “Morning Paula, I am definitely the most adult adult. I find ironing and washing up therapeutic. I am a total clean freak, forever cleaning up and sorting out. I am even like this at work. Forever cleaning out cupboards and folding everything up again. The list is never ending!”


  • “Paula at age 41 the most adult thing I've ever done is last September I started college. I dropped out of school age 14 so even if I say so myself it's a pretty ballsy adult thing to do!” - Mick in Wicklow


  • “I realised I was an adult when I was giving myself an extra 30 minutes to get to work in case I got a puncture or other traffic delays. And driving too fast was hard on diesel and the car.” - Michael in Wicklow