Our parents really screwed us up...

If someone asked you to "pass the buttons", would you know what that meant? Apparently, it means pass the remote! This is just one example of the many strange things we thought were normal until we moved out of our parent's house.

We're reliably told it is not common practice to butter your bread with a spoon after all...


Anyway, why are we talking about this?

Well, we spotted this Tweet this morning:

We decided to ask our listeners for their stories and wow, there is some strange stuff in here:

Weird thing you do –At Christmas I'd put a dollop of mustard on each Brussel sprout and then gravy over them, I thought this was normal and happened in every household, but as the years went on it doesn't occur in all households.

Well lads don't know how it came about but we call the remote control for the tv the dodger. Nobody has a clue what we were on about.

Not my own family but my best friend in primary school’s family used to pour a small pile of salt on the side of the plate and dip each fork of food into it instead of sprinkling the meal with the salt!

When we were small and fell or hurt ourselves my mam would kiss it better and say you l’ll be ok your puddings won’t come out! So, I thought it was a thing and later when I was in collage we had a clinical exam and my class were all quizzing each

I thought all babies were born in September as it was the 9th month and thought the body if Christ was those sweets that looks like fried eggs and swore in the middle of mass because my mum wouldn't let me go up and get one! 

Hi lads we used to play the game frustration for money it caused 1 pound to play a game i though it was in the rules of the game that you had to pay. 

Hi guys, as kids we used to absolutely love the game - 'Boot'. Thought this was completely normal until in school I suggested to friends will we play 'Boot'? How do you play that my friends ask? As I explained I realized it may not be so normal.... basically my uncle would grab a boot out of the shoe press and chase us around the garden. if the boot hit you then your caught hahaha he had the whole street of kids playing this game for years we used to love it!!!!

My dad used to fry eggs in lard then let the pan cool down and put it back in the "press" complete with cold. Used lard ready for use next time! Anonymous due to shame

When we were young, we were a mad soccer house. This was b4 sky sports and i phones internet etc. We would do everything possible to avoid the soccer scores on a Saturday so when match of day came on we could watch in anticipation. If we needed bread/milk forget it til sun morning. If sum1 called to door we wouldn’t answer and hide behind couch.

I always though the old 20p were called horse money as my grandad called it that ... it was only in primary school that I found out there was such a thing as 20 pence...

I didn’t know it wasn’t acceptable to start singing rebel songs at 2 o’clock in the morning after every family party until I went to college and got weird looks from people when I broke in to Black and Tans at a 21st!

I always thought you made 2 cups of tea using 1 tea bag. My house mates in college used to fight over the 1st cup of tea, I never knew why until they confronted me. When I asked my granny in front of my housemates she denied all knowledge of this to look cool & she continues the 1:2 and can sometimes stretch it to 1:3