Dermot & Dave

Ah Sure Lookit - WHAT THE HELL IS IT???

It's been driving you all crazy! You've been texting, calling and even stopping us in the street to...
Cathal Minogue
Cathal Minogue

10:05 AM - 9 Aug 2023

Ah Sure Lookit - WHAT THE HELL...

Dermot & Dave

Ah Sure Lookit - WHAT THE HELL IS IT???

Cathal Minogue
Cathal Minogue

10:05 AM - 9 Aug 2023

It's been driving you all crazy! You've been texting, calling and even stopping us in the street to take a guess.

And no, Googling it will get you nowhere. It came from our actual brains!

It's worth a minimum of €250 with €50 added each day its not guessed correctly.

Full terms and conditions apply here

So, because we're sound, we've compiled a list of all the wrong guesses:


Australians Are Amazing  

Awesome Athletes Abroad 

All Around Australia

Aboriginal Art Amazes

Amazing Australian Adventure

Australia's Awesome Accent

Arachnids Are Awful  

Always Asking Alexa  

Aussies Are Australian 

Awesome Australian Adventure   

Australian Animals Attack 

Amber Always Attacks

Arvo After Afternoon

Australia Always Attracts

Attitudes Are Acquired

An Awesome Achievement

All About Australia

An Amazing Adeventure

Akubra's Are Australian

Arnotts Are Amazing

Around Amazing Australia

My T is H

My Travelling Is Hectic

My Trip Is Historic

My Touch Is Heavy

My Team Is Hyped

My Throat Is Hoarse

My Trophy Is Heavy

My Teddy Is Huggable

My Temperature Is High

My Top Is Heavy

My Teammates Is Huddling

My TimTam Is Heaven

WINNER: My Tricolor Is Hanging


United Can't Defend

Under Cathal's Desk

Under Complete Darkness

Urban City Dwellers

Ugly China Dolls

Uncles Can't Dance

Update Contact Details

Underrated Comedy Duo

Usain Complete Double

Underdogs Can Dream

Utter Chaos Daily

Umbrellas Can Disappoint

Uncles Can't Dance

Ultra Cool Dad

Umpires Call Decisions

Unbelievably Cute Dog

Umbrellas Come Down

Ultra Competitive Dog

Umpires Can Dance

Upcoming Concert Dates

Usher Can Dance

Use Care Driving

Unfortunately Cannot Decide

Underwater Crab Disco

Unbelievably Cold Day

Unusual Cat Drama

Under Counter Deal

Unexpected Career Direction

Unlock Code Details

United Can Deliver

Under Cover Detective

Underwater Commercial Diver

Under Counter Drawer

Ultimate Cookie Dunker

Unusual Cash Deposits

United Can't Defend

Unusually Chilly Day

Universities Confer Doctorates

Universities Create Dreams

Upper Class Deck

Unhappy Couples Divorce

Unused Clean Dishes

Usually Can't Decide

Ultimate Cool Dad

Unoccupied Country Dwelling

Unusual Cake Decoration

Uncle Cares Deeply


This B Has BB

This Banana Has Black Bits

This Bread Has Been Buttered

This Bee Has Bumbling Business

This Bush Has Bright Berries

This Bread Has Been Better

This Balloon Has Been Burst

This Baby Has Been Born

This Bath Has Bubble Bath

This Baker Has Big Buns

This Breakfast Has Baked Beans

This Bicycle Has Bad Brales

This Bee Has Been Busy

This Breakfast Has Big Bangers

This Blouse Has Big Buttons

This Bike Has Bad Brakes

This Baby Has Been Burped

This Brunch Has Biscuit Bits

This Beach Has Big Boulders

WINNER: This Banana Has Bad Bruises

My P is Always T

My Pork is Always Tough

My Place is Always Tidy

My Parrot is Always Talking

My Parking Is Always Tight

My Porridge Is Always Tepid

My Patience Is Always Tested

My Preference Is Always Tea

My Partner Is Always Tired

My Pizza Is Always Tasty

My Piano Is Always Tuned

My Parrot Is Always Talking

My Pitta Is Always Toasted

My Parking Is Always Terrible

My Phone Is Always Tethered

My Putting Is Always Terrible

My Packing Is Always Tight

My Palate Is Always Tasting

My Plane Is Always Timely

My Pasta Is Always Tasty

My Parrot Is Always Talking

My Pulse Is Always Thumping

My Pay Is Always Taxed

My Pulse Is Always Throbbing

My Pavlova Is Always Tacky

My Pronunciation Is Always Terrible

My Pacemaker Is Always Ticking

My Pizza Is Always Thin

My Picnic Is Always Tasty

My Prayer Is Always Thankful

My Printer Is Always Temperamental

My Post Is Always Torn

My Porter Is Always Tasty

My Plectrum Is Always Twanging

My Plant Is Always Thirsty

My Pretzel Is Always Twisted

My Pencil Is Always Topped

My Pool Is Always Tepid

My Postman Is Always Timely

My Pantry Is Always Tidy

My Parting Is Always Tearful

My Passport Is Always Travelling

My Packing Is Always Tight

My Parcel Is Always Tracked

WINNER: My Purchase Is Always Thrifty

My S Has A C

My Screen Has A Crack

My Shirt Has A Crease

My Square Has A Corner

My Shoulder Has A Cramp

My Satchel Has A Clasp

My Sister Has A Communion

My Seat Has A Cushion

My Sandwich Has A Crust

My Sister Has A Child

My Sock Has A Cuff

My Soup Has A Crouton

My Scone Has A Currant

My Shirt Has A Cufflink

My Street Has A Crossing

My Settlement Has A Clause

My Side Has A Cramp

My Sentence Has A Colon

My Sovereign Has A Crown

My Sofa Has A Cover

My Son Has A Conniption

My Son Has A Cry

My Sheet Has A Crease

My Sleeve Has A Cuff

My Suit Has A Cummerbund

My Seat Has A Cushion 

My Saucer Has A Cup

My Sister Has A Crush

My Son Has A Car

My Shower Has A Curtain

WINNER: My Strimmer Has A Cord


Mammy Minds Me

Miniature Mickey Mouse

Meet My Mother

Mops Mop Mess

Minding My Money

Mattress' Micks Musical

Milky Moo Mints

More Monster Munch

Mad March Madness

Money Market Movers

Multi Media Management

Mystic Meg Memories

Managers Make Mistakes

Make Mine Massive

More Marvel Movies

Magic Movie Moments

My Mindful Memory

Money Makes Money

Movies Make Mistakes

Monday Morning Meeting

Monks Must Meditate

Money Money Money

Mighty Mysterious Meetings

Money Money Money

Millimeters Make Meters

Milky Moo Mints

Mad Max Movies

Monday Morning Madness

Mighty Mighty Mushrooms

Marshall Mathers Music

Massive Meat Medley

Matchmakers Make Matches

Music Makes Memories

Manners Maketh Man

Munching Mega Meanies

Mad Max Mania

Moles Make Mounds

More Midweek Meals

Mind My Mammy

Memorise My Mind

Magicians Make Magic

Mediums Make Money

Memories Make Moments

My Magic Mirror

Memorable Movie Music

Memorising Moments Matter

Miniature Motorway Markers

Mesmerising McDonalds Marketing

My Magnifying Mirror

Magicians Master Misdirection

Mascara Makes Marks

Make Mine Milky

Makeup Mirrors Magnify

Magicians Magic Moments

Meaningful Mesmeric Mindfulness

Mind My Mascara

Movies Make Money

Magicians Mesmirise Me

Make Mine Magical

Massive Meteorological Mass

My Mesmerising Mind

Mammies Move Mountains

Mirror My Moves

Microscopes Maximum Magnification

Making My Mash

Motorway Markers Mesmerise

Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Mesmerising Me Magically

Magicians Move Mysteriously

Mellow Mood Music

Mid Morning Muesli

Making Mesmerising Marmalade

Mind My Maltesers

Matilda's Magical Mind

Motorways Make Money

Make More Moros

Maltesers Makes Moves  

Money Making Machine

My Maltesers Melted

Marvellous Mrs Maisel

Miss Marple Mysteries

My Marmalade Mind

Mona's Mouthwatering Meringues

Mellow Mood Music

Music Mix Mastering

Mesmerizing Murky Molasses

Magical Movie Moments

Mouthwatering Mesmerising Moments

Mild Minty Mouthwash

Make Magic Manuka

Magical Malteser McFlurry

Mario's Magic Mushrooms

My Moonlight Mirror

Magical Mellow Music

Making Marvelous Meade

Mouthwash Masks Mustiness

Magical Moments Matter

Mowgli Misses Mammy

Mesmerising Maple Marmalade

Meadow Misty Morning

Marvel Makes Money

Winner: Matilda Makes Magic


Amplify Bass Chords

Any Blimming Clue

Annoying But Cute

Another Bloody Challenge

Ants Builds Colonies

A Baby Crying

Absolute Basket Case

A Beautiful Car

All Babies Cry

Ali Baba's Carpet

Aero Bubbly Chocolate

A Book Collection

Answer Barry's Call

Anyone But City

Always Bring Cans

Airway Breathing Circulation

Always Bring Cash

A Blank Canvas

Airfryers Bake Cakes

Alligators Beat Crocodiles

A Broken Cathal

Avoid Bad Company

All Buggies Collapse

Avoid Bank Charges

Airports Bring Chaos

A Blue Cape

Anything But Coffee

All But Certain

Adhesive Book Covers

A Bit Cold

A Blind Corner

A Bold Choice

America Borders Canada

A Big Conundrum

All Blackbirds Crow

Always Be Careful

Asterix Book Collection

A Big Cookie

Always Be Closing

Air Before Cap

Airplanes Bring Cargo

About Being Connected

A Big Coffee

Airline Baggage Charge

A Bad Chinese

A Bad Cold

A Broken Charger

A Burnt Cake

A Blocked Chimney

A Broken Clutch

A Broken Car

A Bad Clutch

A Bounced Cheque

A Bruised Coccyx

Anything But Chickenpox

A Brown Crisp

Already Been Chewed

A Bad Cold

A Boring Conversation

A Burnt Clutch

A Bad Connection

A Black Cat

A Bad Complexion

A Bad Cough

A Bad Chiropractor

Acute Bowel Cramps

Another Bad Clue

A Broken Chain

A Burnt Casserole

Abnormal Breathing Condition

A Bad Catastrophe

A Banjaxed Computer

A Burning Chimney

A Big Coat

Another Busy Clean

A Bad Crop

Allergies Become Common

A Bad Cheltenham

Winner: Avoid Bouncing Cheques


That's Not True

Tinsel Needs Tape

Talking Needs Time

Take No Time 

Tomato Not Tomato  

Think Nice Thoughts

Thick Nougat Toblerone

Toys Need Trying

Trees Need Tinsel

Time Needs Time

Twinkly Night Times

Totally Not Telling

Today Not Tomorrow

Tried Not Trusted

There's No Time

Tinsel's Not Tacky

Trains Need Tracks

Tomorrow Nights Tactics

Thawing Needs Time

Toasters Need Time

Tánaiste Now Taoiseach

Teeth Need Toothpaste

Telly's Need Tuning

Turkey Needs Timing

Texting Not Tweeting

Tradesmen Need Tools

Tell No Tails

Tyres Need Traction

The New Taoiseach

The New Total

Travellers Need Tickets

The Next Time

Try Next Time

The Next Thing

Tae Not Tea

That Nasty Tate

Totally Need This

Till Next Time

Thoughts Need Taming

Top Notch Tayto

The Next Trend

Time Not Toys

This Not That

Today Not Tomorrow

Thursday Night Takeaway

Twix Not Twirl

Top Notch Telly

Talking Negotiates Tantrums

Teams Need Tactics

The Next Topic

Two Not Three

Tofu's Not Tasty

The Nicest Tie

The Nice Treaty

Televisions Need Tuning

Treaties Need Time

Trousers Need Turnups

Terribly Noisy Tools

To Negotiate Terms

Tonight Not Tomorrow

Talk Not Tweet

Turtle Neck Temperature

Takeaways Need Thought

TikTok Needs Timing

Two Nights Together

The Ninth Tooth

Taste Not Texture

Twins Not Triplets

They're Not There

Toenails Need Trimming

The New Timetable

The Now Taoiseach

The Negotiation Table

Totally Nailed That

Teams Need Trainers

Taoiseach's Negotiate Terms

Treaties Need Thought


A Has A M

Alexa Has A Memory

Autumn Has An M

Aero Has A Middle

Alphabet Has An M

Antrim Has A Mountain

Alexa Has A Microphone

Aldi Has A Middle

Anything Has A Memory

Art Has A Meaning



T Can Be M

Toys Can Be Magic

Time Can Be Monotonous

Tress Can Be Mulched

Tea Can Be Milky

Television's Can Be Muted

Toast Can Be Magical

Time Can Be Monotonous

Time Can Be Money

Tinsel Can Be Messy

Toddlers Can Be Mischievous

WINNER: Tennis Can Be Mixed


Fear Factor

Father Figure

Freshly Frozen

Friday Feeling

Faulty Fridges

Flying Frisbee

Forest Fruits

Feathers Float

Fruit Flies

Fairy Fort

Falling Foliage

Freaky Friday

Footwear Fail

Forever Friends

Feeling Fabulous

Freezing Feet

Fluffy Fleece

Freaky Fish

Fighting Flab

Fast Fashion

Fantasy Football

Frightening Facemasks

Fully Focused

Friday's Fry

Fajita's Flop

Free Fall

Frilly Frocks

Ford Fiesta

Franz Ferdinand

Feeling Fantastic

Funky Fiesta

Feeling Festive

Follow Friday

Feeling Frisky

Friendly Farmer

Fish Fingers

Fashionable Footwear

Fungi Foraging

Fittest Family

Financial Freedom

Fun Freebies

Fastest Finger

False Fingernail

Favourite Flavours

Foam Finger

Friday Flake

Fire Fighter

Fifty Fifty

Fondant Fancies

Finding Fossils

Fun Fair

Film Festival

Fun Freebies

Fresh Fruit

Friday Flick

Filter Feature

Fidgety Fingers

Fox's Favourites

Fizz Free

Flags Flap

French Fancies

Fruitella Fruits

Fresh Fennel

Fifty Fifty

Fantastic Four

Fabulous Fenders

Fitbit Fitness

Final Furlong

Fake Fruit

Facebook Filter

Face Facts

Fruit Fails

Festive Filters

Winner: Fruit Ferments

My PC is P

My Paper Cut is Painful

My Pokémon Card is Pikachu

My Personal Computer is Crap

My Pine Cone is Prickly

My PC is Problematic

My Pumpkin Cake is Puffy

My Pin Code is Private

My Pokémon card is Priceless

My Phone cover is Plastic

My Pina Colada is Pink

My Pretty Coat is Pink

My Phone Cover is Perfect

My Pop Corn is Popped

My Pink Carnation Is Pinned

My Percolated Coffee is Pants

My Poor Cat is Poorly

My Pork Chop is Pink

My Pay Cheque is Processed

My PC is Performing

My Peak Cap is Peaked

My Phone Coverage is Perfect

My Personal Choice is Private

My Pencil Case is Pink

My Pickled Cabbage is Preserved

My Paint Colour is Pink

My Pumpkin Cutter is Perfect

My Peaked Cap is Peaky

My Pergola Cover is Plastic

My Polished Car is Pristine

My Pumpkin Carving is Petrifying

My Pet Cat is Purring

My Parisian Croissant is Puffy

My Phone Charger is Pink

My Preferred Colour is Pink

My Parents Care is Precious

My Pin Code is Personal

Winner: My Peaked Cap is Pink

B C are S

Big Cats are Scary

Breadcrumbs are Stuffing

Brooks Concerts are Savage

Blue Cheeses are Smelly

Birthday Cakes are Special

Bread Crumbs are Stale

Big Cups are Super

Big Cushions are Soft

Birthday Cards are Special

Bank Charges are Staggering

Bald Coots are Scarce

Border Collies are Smart

Big Coats are Snuggly

Black Clothes are Slimming

Bright Colours are Scary

Buttercream Cakes are Sweet

Biscuit Cereal are Savage

Bottle Caps are Screwy

Boiled Cabbages are Smelly

Buzz Cuts are Savage

Black Cats are Spooky

Black Crusts are Scrumptious

Bath Candles are Soothing

Bourbon Creams are Savage


D and D D

Donald and Daffy Duck

Dos and Don't Dos

Dermot and Dave Duet

Dipping and Dunkin' Donuts

Discounts and Daily Deals

Dermot and Dave Daily

Declan and Donal's Deli

Dermot and Dave Dolls

Dermot and Dave Day

Drain and Dry Dishes

Dip and Double Dip

Dearest and Darling Daughter

Dungeons and Dragons Day

Dermot and Dave Duvet

Dear and Darling Daughter

Divers and Dolphins Dive

Desperate and Dateless Date

Dark and Dreary Days

Dinner and Drinks Date

Dingo's and Digeridoo Dos

Dinner and Delicious Dessert

Deferred and Delayed Departures

Dairymilk and Double Decker

Dream and Don't Despair

Diggers an Dozers Dig

Drain and Drip Dry

Dream and Dig Deep

Dermot and Dave Diversify

Dishes and Dirty Dishwasher

Done and Dusted Dave

Dave and Delamere Driving

Danny and Dani Dyer

Dermot and Dave's Desk

Delicate and Delicious Desserts

Denim and Double Denim

Diggers and Dumpers Dump

Dermot and Daves Debs

Dave and Dermot Deliver

Days and Dates Displayed

Delivery and Due Date

WINNER: Dad and Daughter Dance


Badly Lit Tunnel

Boris Leaves Tories

Back Late Tonight

Be Like That

Badly Laid Tiles

Boys Love Toys

Baking Lovely Treats

Barbeque Later Tonight

Brits Like Tea

Bottle Lids Twist

Bountys Look Tasty

Better Luck Tomorrow

Bosses Like Ties

Bright Light Torch

Beans Love Toast

Brains Like Thinking

Boot Leg Trousers

Beavers Love Treets

Bright Lights Twinkle

Breaking Local Temperatures

Bitter Lemon Taste

Buns Look Tasty

Batteries Light Torches

Boys Love Tractors

Brushing Little Teeth

Birds Like Tayto

Bitter Lemon Tea

Butter Laden Toast

Boot Leg Trousers

Builders Love Tea

Banks Lack Tellers

Building Lego Techniques

Bring Long Trousers

Buy Local Things

Binge Less Telly

Bright Lights Twinkle

Belts Lift Trousers

Back Logged Travel

Breathing Lowers Temperatures

Bring Long Trousers

Barry Loves Talking

Brake Light Testing

Burn Less Turf

Bring Luggage Tags

Bluetooth Luggage Tags

Bridges Link Towns

Brew Loose Tea

Breakfast Looks Tasty

Big Leaf Trees

Board Like Tony

Boot Laces Tied

Boil Lavender Tea

Basic Linux Training

Bring Lyons Teabags

Bridges Link Trains

Breathing Lessens Tension

Bridges Link Together

Bitter Lemon Tingles

Big Light Taxi

Baboons Love Trees

Buses Leave Terminals

Big Letter Text

Breathing Lowers Tempo

Buskers Like Tips

Better Lighting Technology

Winner: Bulbs Light Torches 

There's A B In My T

Winner: There's A Bee In My Tea


Crunchy Crinkled Crisps

Crows Can't Count

Cathal Cashel's Connections

Crunchy Custard Creams

Cool Calm Collected

Cranky Children Complain

Cars Cause Congestion

Colorful Championship Clashes

Covid Cured Certificate

Colouring Creates Calm

Clear Concise Calm

Cats Can Claw

Cows Can't Canter

Children Catch Cooties

Clouds Can Change

Chameleons Change Colour

Carry Cash Carefully

Cookies Create Crumbs

Crispy Chipper Chips

Crocodiles Can’t Cry

Crowds Can Chant

Crinkled Cut Crisps

Coffee Chatting Chilling

Crunchie Creepy Crawlies

Coffee Contains Caffeine

Chickens Can Cluck

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Creamy Custard Creams

Counting Crows Concert

Chimneys Can Crack

Curry Cheese Chips

Commence Christmas Countdown

Canoes Can Capsize

Clear Cache Chrome

Credit Call Cards

Constantly Cleaning Crumbs

Cashiers Count Coins

Crows Can't Count

Crunchy Cheesy Crackers

Calves Can Cramp

Camera's Capture Criminals

Cavan County Council

Crinkle Cut Chips

Creating Christmas Cards

Children Can Cry

Cool Creepie Crawlies

Cogs Control Clocks

Cute Chubby Cheeks

Can Cats Cure

Crumbs Cause Coughs

Crispy Crunchy Chips

Cotton Coated Candy

Calculate Cubic Centimeter

Chocolate Coated Carrots

Cells Create Cells

Cosy Couch Cuddles

Classic Cornetto Cone

Christmas Cards Count

Children Can Crawl

Chocolate Crisps Combine

Clasps Can Close

Children Can Crt

Crayons Cause Chaos

Computer Chip Crisis

Counting Cent Coins

Caring Can Change

Cuddles Create Comfort

Crispy Cornetto Cone

Children Cherish Cuddles

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Crumbs Cause Coughing

Candles Create Calmness

Collapsible Coffee Cups

Clutter Causes Chaos

Clues Catch Criminals

Cats Claw Curtains

Continuous Curvilinear Caspulorhexis

Cubes Contain Corners

Contentiously Cutting Corners

Coffee Counter Corners

Collecting Call Cards

Cream Cracker Crumbs

Carat Cut Colour

Corks Crazy Corners

Caterpillars Can Change

Chili Con Carne

Children Carry Crayons

Carver's Can Cut

Cliffs Can Crumble

Cutlery Can Chop

Cool Calm Cucumber

Cliffs Can Corrode

Cheddar Cheese Cubes

Cheddar Cheese Crackers

Chopping Creates Crumbs

Confusing Coloured Cubes

Caught Cutting Corners

WINNER: Cut Children's Crusts

There's A C On My M

There's A Cat On My Mat

There's A Crumb On My Monitor

There's A Crack On My Mug

There's A Call On My Mobile

There's A Cover On My Mattress

There's A Clock On My Mantle

There's A Crease On My Magazine

There's A Compass On My Map

There's A Crumb On My Mustache

There's A Catchphrase On My Mind

There's A Clicker On My Mouse

There's A Checklist On My Memo

There's A Camera On My Monitor

There's A Chip On My Marble

There's A Conundrum On My Mind

There's A Cartoon On My Mug

There's A Cherry On My Martini

There's A Call On My Messenger

There's A Chicken On My Mum

There's A Cover On My Mancave

There's A Chip On My Molar

There's A Chorus On My Mind

There's A Crack On My Mobile

There's A Clamp On My Motor

There's A Compass On My Map

There's A Concert On My Mind

There's A Crown On My Molar

There's A Choice On My Menu

There's A Cable On My Microphone

There's A Cherry On My Muffin

There's A Chipmunk On My Melon

There's A Crack On My Mirror

There's A Crisis On My Mission

There's A Cut On My Mouth

There's A Clicker On My Mouse

There's A Cursor On My Monitor

Three's A Calculator On My Mobile

There's A Crystal On My Mug

There's A Cream On My Moustache

There's A Cloth On My Mop

There's A Cream On My Moustache

There's A Cuddle On My Mind

There's A Chardonnay On My Menu

There's A Cow On My Moon

There's A Crescent On My Moon

There's A Country On My Mind

There's A Cloud On My Memory

There's A Cobweb On My Mirror

There's A Carb On My Mind

There's A Candle On My Mantlepiece

There's A Child On My Monitor

There’s A Chardonnay On My Mind

There's A Crust On My Milk

There's A Curfew On My Mancave

There's A Clue On My Mind

There's A Crisp On My Mattress

There's A Casserole On My Menu

There's A Carrot On My Mattress

There's A Clock On My Mobile

There's A Creature On My Mattress

There's A Change On My Mood

There's A Chinese On My Mind

There's A Cradle On My Mountain

There's A Clock On My Microwave

There's A Clip On My Money

There's A Chili On My Madras

There's A Constellation On My Monitor

There's A Creeper On My Minecraft

There's A Cap On My Mullet

There's A Centipede On My Mat

There's A Comet On My Map

There's A Cloud On My Moon

There's A Clamp On My Minivan

There's A Compass On My Mobile

There's A Crease On My Map

There's A Curfew On My Mind

There's A Club On My Mind

There's A Co-Ordinate On My Map

There's A Compass On My Mind

WINNER: There's A Castle On My Map


Bright Blue Bonnet

Big Balls Bounce

Bye Bye Baby

Bring Back Britney

Busy Bees Buzz

Big Buckled Belt

Bakers Bake Buns

Billionaires Being Bolshie

Big Blue Bear

Baking Brown Bread

Big Black Box

Burnt Broccoli Bake

Bakers Bake Bread

Big Bruised Bodies

Bye Bye Bye

Better Business Bureau

Bath Before Bedtime

Breakdowns Bring Bills

Boris Botched Brexit

Big Blueberries Bounce

Bonnie Baby Boy

Back Breaking Business

Beckham Bended Balls

Burning Blaze Briquettes

Breakfast Banter Buddies

Bring Builders Biscuits

Bargain Buyer Beware

Bring Back Baywatch

Bin Bags Burst

Buttered Batch Bread

Boiled Bully Beef

Broken Bourbon Biscuit

Bachelors Baked Beans

Better Buy Batteries

Big Brother Brazil

Breaking Bad Boxset

Big Builder Bob

Blaa's Beat Baps

Bulbs Bloom Beautifully

Bring Back Blaas

Builders Build Buildings

Ban Bath Bombs

Bring Back Bosco

Bees Buzz Brilliantly

Bowlers Bowl Balls

Bachelors Baked Beans

Bright But Breezy

Big Baby Blocks

Bish Bash Bosh

Big Ben Bongs

Baking Banana Bread

Beauty Bournville Bar

Big Breezes Blow

Bitter Berry's Bite

Build Back Better

Bath Bomb Boom

Bacon Beans Baguette

Before Bedtime Breath

Bippity Boppity Boop

Black Betty Bambalam

Bannon's Big Build

Bean Bag Beads

Big Beer Belly

Better Buy Bread

Betty Bakes Better

Bring Back Basics

Brioche Burger Buns

Brains Before Beauty

Ba Ba Blacksheep

Big Breezes Blow

Burnt Burger Buns

Baby's Building Blocks

Bin Brown Bananas

Bursting Beach Balls

Baby Boom Babies

Bannon Blows Budget

Burnt Bacon Bits

Beer Batters Better

Big Bridge Build

Betty's Boxed Bakes

Bring Back Battleships

Big Bad Birds

Breezes Bend Branches

Beach Balls Blow

Beanie Baby Bubble

Breezes Blow Bubbles

Building Bunk Beds

Breezes Blow Blossoms

Baboons Bare Bottoms

Babies Blow Bubbles

Bingo Balls Bounce

Birds Begin Building

Big Balloons Blow

Babies Blow Bubbles

Breezy But Balmy

Big Bubblegum Bubbles

Braving Ben Bulben

Burst Balloons Bang

Breeze Blown Bag

Balloons Blow Beautifully

Bouncing Boat Buoy

Bungee Bounces Backwards

Bouncy Balls Bounce

Blimps Beat Balloons

Big Belly Breaths

Big Busks Back

Bloggers Be Blogging

Bizarre Building Boom

Bowlers Bowling Balls

Bring Barometers Back

Breezes Blow Bins

Brisk Breeze Blowing

Blaa's Baked Beautifully

Birds Beat Bees

Big Breezes Blow

Burst Barry's Bubble

Bezos' Big Boat

Basic Blogging Business

Big Breeze Blowing

Big Broken Branch

Beautiful Breezy Breezes

Bring Back Bingo

Winner: Big Blustery Breeze


A Fish Always Floats

Always Forgive And Forget

Asking For A Friend

Alexa Finds All Facts

A Feather Always Floats

A Fight Always Fizzles

Another Friday Another Fry

A Fire Always Flames

All Fries Are French

Air Fryers Adds Flavour 

A Fight Always Frightens

Aloha Friday Aloha Friday

As Fit As Fiddle

All Floorboards Are Flat

Anti Freeze Automatically Freezes

A Friend Asked First

Antigens Feel Awful Funny

Alaska Forms America's Fifty

All Fingers Are Functioning

Artificial Flowers Annoy Florists

All Fish Are Fishy

All Forgiven All Forgotten

All Fish Are Finned

All Fruits Are Flavoursome

Arctic Frosts Are Freezing

Always Fall Asleep First

All Fries Are Fantastic

A Frequent Air Flyer

All Fisherman Are Friends

As Far As Fermanagh

As Free As Fungie

Antigen Free Allows Freedom

All For A Fiver

All Fiats Are Ferraris

Ant Farms Are Freaky

All Freddos Are Frogs

Air Forces Are Funky

Are Flans Always Fruity

All Fuss About Frizz

Always Floss After Food

All Footballs Are Fit

Alex Ferguson Added Fear

Air Fryers Are Fast

All Fridays Are Fun

Anfield Fans Are Fantastic

As Far As Fiji

All Flights Are Fantastic

All F1's Are Fast

As Fast As February

Aging Fruit Attracts Flies

All Fairways Are Fresh

ABBA Fans Are Fifty

Afternoon Flights Are Fantastic

Winner: Air Fryers Are Faster 



Envelopes Rip

Elephants Remember

Elf Rules

Emergency Roses

Early Risers

Eat Roasties

Excellent Reviews

Extra Roasties

Everyone Relax

Evidence Revealed

Emergency Restrictions

Everything Reduced

End Resolutions

Emotional Reunion

Everybody Revolt

Election Regret

Eyes Roll

Escalators Rotate

Emotional Rollercoaster

Explosive Reaction

WINNER: Eminem Raps

Dave Had To S His L

Dave Had To Shave His Locks

Dave Had To Share His Lunch

Winner: Dave Had To Sell His Lawnmower

Oh My God! My C Is S

Oh My God! My Car Is Super

Oh My God! My Cat Is Spooky

Oh My God! My Chair Is Stuck

Oh My God! My Christmas Is Sorted

Oh My God! My Chicken Is Stuffed

Oh My God! My Cereal Is Soggy

Oh My God! My Canoe Is Sinking

Oh My God! My Chin Is Sagging

Oh My God! My Cast Is Smelly

Oh My God! My Chinese Is Spicy

Oh My God! My Child Is Smart

Oh My God! My Cucumber Is Sliced

Oh My God! My Coat Is Snug

Oh My God! My Chocolate Is Salty

Oh My God! My Cut Is Stinging

Oh My God! My Chauffer Is Schumacher

Oh My God! My Car Is Scratched

Oh My God! My Child Is Screaming

Oh My God, My Christmas Is Sorted

Oh My God, My Computer Is Slow

Oh My God, My Car Is Stolen

Oh My God, My Clutch Is Shot

Oh My God, My Cracker Is Soft

Oh My God, My Cards Are Stacked

Oh My God! My Couscous Is Spicy

Oh My God! My Chawwwklit Is Soft

Oh My God! My Cutlery Is Silver

Oh My God! My Card Is Shuffled

Oh My God! My Cash Is Spent

Oh My God! My Calf Is Sore

Oh My God! My Cactus Is Spikey

Oh My God! My Crypto Is Sliding

Oh My God! My Car Is Stalling

Oh My God! My Chronicle Is Sliney

Oh My God! My Child Is Stinky

Oh My God! My Cocktail Is Sour

Oh My God! My Chihuahua Is Small

Oh My God! My Coffee Is Steaming

Oh My God! My Chin Is Sweating

Oh My God! My Curry Is Spicy

Oh My God! My Chip Is Soggy

Oh My God! My Chin Is Scratchy

Oh My God! My Cactus Is Sharp

Oh My God! My Credit Is Shocking

Oh My God! My Chilli Is Scorching

Oh My God! My Cooker Is Smoking

Oh My God! My Crotch Is Split

Oh My God! My Carpet Is Sticky

Oh my God! My Cloud Is Square

Oh My God! My Cavity Is Sensitive

Oh my God! My Coldsore Is Sore

Oh My God! My Couch Is Soaked

Oh My God! My Cornea Is Scratched

Oh My God! My Crush Is Single

Oh My God! My Companion Is Stuck

Oh My God! My Coleslaw Is Sour

Oh My God! My Crypto Is Stagnant

Oh My God! My Chips Are Salty

Oh My God! My Chimney Is Smoking!

Oh My God! My Curler Is Stuck!

Oh My God! My Ceiling Is Sagging!

Oh My God! My Core Is Strong!

Oh My God! My CD Is Scratched!

Oh My God! My Cheque Is Shredded!

Oh My God! My Curiosity Is Spiked

Oh My god My Chainsaw Is Sharp

Oh My God! My Car Is Steering

Oh My God! My Computer Is Sizzling

Oh My God! My Concrete Is Setting

Oh My God! My Cactus Is Spiked

Oh My God! My Child Is Spoilt

Oh My God! My Cork Is Split

Oh My God! My Concert Is Soon

Oh My God! My Cinema Is Shut

Oh My God! My Coach Is Slow

Oh My God! My Carriage Is Steaming

Oh My God! My Commute Is Shocking

Oh My God! My Cruise Is Sailing

Oh My God! My Carwash Is Sudsy

Oh My God! My Club Is Silent

Oh My God! My Carriage Is Shiny

Oh My God! My Concert Is Streaming

Oh My God! My Cruise Is Star-Studded

Oh My God! My Caterpillar Is Sinking

Oh My God! My Concert Is Shelved

Oh My God! My Captain Is Suspended

Oh My God! My Clue Is Stupid

Oh My God! My Carriage Is Shabby

Oh My God! Clock Is Slow

Oh My God! My Career Is Successful

Oh My God! My Contact Is Socializing

Oh My God! My Colour Is Snookered

Oh My God! My Concert Is Suspended

Oh My God! My Coat Is Stained

Oh My God! My Cleaners Is Shut

Oh My God! My Coat Is Stored

Oh My God! My Character Is Showing

Oh My God! My Carriage Is Skidding

Oh My God! My Case Is Sealed

Oh My God! My Chocolate Is Scrumdiddlyumptious

Oh My God! My Combination Is Smart

Oh My God! My Cursor Is Spinning

Oh My God! My Carriage Is Sanitized

Oh My God! My Cruise Is Sailing

Oh My God! My Class Is Second 

Oh My God! My Case Is Solved

Oh My God! My College Is Shut

Winner: Oh My God! My Carriage Is Smelly


The S Is O T

The Shacket Is On Trend

The Schedule Is On Target

The Sugar Is On Top

The Season Is Often Terrifying

The Shop Is Over There

The Summit Is On Top

The Switch Is On Timer

The Solution Is Often Tricky

The Stadium Is Often Tricky

The Spire Is Obnoxiously Tall

The Screw Is Over Tightened

The Situation Is Often Tense

The Secret Is Out There

The Sprint Is On Track

The Sentence Is Obviously This

The Salt Is On Top

The Spire Is Overly Tall

The Sprite Is On Tap

The Shot Is Off Target

The Sun Is Out Today

The Sea Is On Top

The Song Is On TikTok

The Sum Is Overly Taxing

The Steak Is Overly Tough

The Sweet Is Overly Tangy

The Silver Is Only Till

The Stout Is On Tap

The Saying Is Overly Tenuous

The Subject Is Off Topic

The Scent Is On Testers

The Shower Is Only Tepid

The Salary Is Over Taxed

The Show Is On Tour

The Sugar Is On Them

The Script Is On Tour

The Skateboarder Is Often Tumbled

The Sesh Is On Tonight

The Socket Is Over There

The Striker Is On Target

The Scoreline Is Overly Taxing

The Screw Is Over Tightened

The Suspect Is On Trial

The Score Is On Teletext

Winner: The Simpsons Is Over Thirty

You Should Never P A S

You Should Never Pop A Spot

You Should Never Poke A Socket

You Should Never Pull A Sickie

You Should Never Peel A Strawberry

You Should Never Poke A Snake

You Should Never Pollute A Stream

You Should Never Plagiarise A Song

You Should Never Poach A Sausage

You Should Never Pull A String

You Should Never Pass A Strike

You Should Never Polish A Screen

Winner: You Should Never Pet A Scorpion


Spa's Pampering Provides Satisfaction

Some People Prefer Silence

Some People Prefer Shorts

Stop Pouting Practice Smiling

St Pats Play Soccer

Some People Pay Separate

Sheep Plural Pronounced Sheep

Some Putters Putt Slowly

Some People Prefer Salad

Succulent Pepperoni Pizza Slices

Sugar Provides Pancakes Sweetness

Silent P Precedes S

Some People Press Snooze

Some People Prefer Sums

Spain Produces Perfect Senoritas

Sitting Properly Prevents Sciatica

Sale Prices Promotes Shopping

Silicones Provide Protective Sealant

Some Programs Produce Stars

Snooker Players Practice Shots

Some People Pop Spots

Safari Parks Provide Sanctuary

Social People Post Selfies

Sports People Personalise Shirts

Smart Phones Predict Sentences

Should Peel Potatoes Slowly


C Is A Great T

Cashel Is A Great Town

Chamomile Is A Great Tea

Cristiano Is A Great Talisman

Caramel Is A Great Topping

Cristiano Is A Great Talent

Car Is A Great Transport

Cathal Is A Great Teacher

Crying Is A Great Therapy

Catastrophe Is A Great Triumph

Contactless Is A Great Transaction

Carpentry Is A Great Trade

Caring Is A Great Trait

Cooking Is A Great Therapy

Cabaret Is A Great Time

Castle Is A Great Treasure

Courtesy Is A Great Trait

Cream Is A Great Topping

Cash Is A Great Transaction

Catwoman Is A Great Thief

Colgate Is A Great Toothpaste

Countryside Is A Great Trek

Custard Is A Great Treat

Chestnut Is A Great Tree

Carrauntoohil Is A Great Trek

Cherry Is A Great Tamato

Confucius Is A Great Teacher

Camping Is A Great Trip

Cotton Is A Great Textile

Cheese Is A Great Topping

Captain Is A Great Title

Crumble Is A Great Treat

Winner: Chris Is A Great Thor 

The S Of The S Is 40

The Star Of The Show Is 40

Winner: The Singer Of The Script Is 40

T Can Be M

Tomatoes Can Be Mixed

Time Can Be Mindful

Televisions Can Be Mounted

Winner: Tennis Can Be Mixed



A Band Can Do Events

A Baked Cake Disappears Easily

A Billionaire Can Do Everything

A Burger Can Deter Exercise

A Book Can Do Everything

A Bee Can Distract Everyone

A Bang Can Deafen Ears

A Bold Child Doesn't Eat

Always Be Careful Doing Exercise

Almond Biscuits Can Dunk Easily

A Brain Can Discover Everything

A Beautiful Car Daves Excited

Atomic Bombs Could Destroy Everything

Always Be Careful During Epidemics

A Bouncy Castle Distracts Everyone

A Black Cat Digs Earth

All Balloons Can Deflate Easily

ABC's Do End

A Brain Can Develop Early

A Big Crowd Distracts Elephants

A Blanket Causes Dave Excitement

A Big Cone Drips Everywhere

A Bruise Can Develop Easily

WINNER: A Ballerina Can Dance Elegantly 

B Is B

Bisto Is Best

Boom Is Back

Bruschetta Is Bread

Barrys Is Best

Bread Is Back

Bingo Is Back

Beer Is Bubbly

Butter Is Beautiful

Benidorm Is Brilliant

Braille Is Bumpy

Boris Is Bonkers

Broccoli Is Bitter

Breeze Is Blowing

Bald Is Beautiful

Bolognese Is Beefy

Booking Is Back

Big Is Beautiful

Bragging Is Boastful

Busking Is Back

Baked Is Best

Bruce Is Batman

Blood Is Blue

Bovril Is Bitter

Bacteria Is Beneficial

Baby Is Bananas

Ball Is Burst

Basketball Is Bouncy

Brennans Is Bread

Business Is Business

Bullying Is Bad

Booking Is Best

Bigger Is Better

Base Is Baked

Bog Is Beautiful

Basmati Is Best

Bolognese Is Bubbling

Bowling Is Brilliant

Bovril Is Beefy

Belfast Is Big

Blah Is Bread

Burren Is Barren

Bread Is Baked

Bennifer Is Back

Brosnan Is Bond

Bible Is Biblcal

Backstreet Is Back

Bumbags Is Back

Biff Is Brutal

Barbie Is Blonde

Bosco Is Back

Boxing Is Brilliant

Backstroke Is Backwards

Bebo Is Back

Biden Is Better

Brylcreem Is Back

Butter Is Best

Banter Is Better

Brosnan Is Bond

Brunch Is Breakfast

Before Is Better

Boogying Is Back

Bart Is Beige

Brad Is Beautiful

Blonde Is Bleached

Bridge Is Baffling

Bootcut Is Back

Bilbo Is Baggins

Blade Is Blunt

Bono Is Blonde

Beetlejuice Is Back

Bacon Is Boiled

Beano Is Boisterous

Banana Is Bread

Winner: Barbie Is Barbara


Leaving Cert Predictions

Local Collection Point

Let Children Play

Liquid Causes Precipitation

Lullabies Can Pacify

Labels Can Peel

Loose Change Pocket

Winner: Lemons Contain Pips


Fill Blanks In

Fleece Blankets Insulate

Foolish But Intelligent

Freshly Built Igloo

Friends Become Intimate

Fermanagh Beats Ibiza

Fit Bit Impostor

Fans Back Inside

Faster Broadband Instantly

Feel Better Immediately

Fast Blinking Indicators

Feel Butterflies Inside

Father's Best Interests

Flight Bookings Increase

France Beat Ireland

Free Britney Immediately

Fill Blanks In

Free Bag Included

Fear Before Interview

Famous Beaches Ireland

First Birthday Invitation

Facebook Breeds Insecurity

Fitness Brands Inspire

Fire Burns Intensely

Fashion Becomes Important

Facebook Bans Idiot

Flat Box Instructions

Flip Burgers Intermittently

Facebook Bought Instagram

Furniture Breaks Immediately

Freshly Baked Icelog

Foil Back Insulation

Fix Broken iPad

Funny Bone Injury

Free Broadband Internet

Filling Baloons Instantly

Facebook Bought Instagram

Football Brings Injuries

Finally Booking It

Food Brings Indigestion

Footballers Buy Impulsively

Flakes Break Immediately

Free Britney Immediately

Winner: Fluorescent Bulbs Illuminate 

T Get S

Teams Get Selected

Tangerines Get Squeezed

Winner: Towels Get Stained


Healthy Hearty Breakfast

Hallelujah Hurling's Back

Helicopters Have Blades

Hush Hush Baby

Hairdressers Have Brushes

Hotels Have Bars

Households Have Bills

Hungry Hangover Breakfast

Hamburgers Have Bundies 

Hello Honey Bunny

Horrid Henry Books

Healthy Happy Body

Herrings Have Backbones

High Handle Bars

Hopefully Harrys Back

Hives House Bees

Healthy Hair Bounces

Households Have Budgets

Happy Hairy Bikers

Hedgerows Have Brambles

Honesty Has Benefits

Harbours Harbour Boats

Hungary Has Borders

Hunting Hotel Breaks

Hands Harbour Bacteria

Holiday's Have Benefits

Hotels Have Bedrooms

He's Hiding Biscuits

Happy Happy Birthday

High Heel Boots

Hawaii Has Beaches

Handy Holdall Bag

Haven't Had Breakfast

Herons Have Beaks

Hate Having Baths

Henry Hoover Bags

Hills Have Bumps

Happy Haribo Bear

Hairbrushes Have Bristles

Horse Hair Bows

Hate Heavy Breathing

Healthy Hearty Broth

Households Have Bins

Hydrate Hanging Baskets

Hotels Have Bookings

Happy Honey Bees

Healthy Heart Beating

Hooray Hugging's Back

Homemade Hamper Baskets

Hearty Hangover Breakfast

Hugs Have Benefits

Honeymoons Have Brides

Holy Hell Batman

Hearty Hovis Bread

Hate Hearing Ballads

Hugs Have Benefits

Healthy Hearty Broccoli

Healthy Happy Body

Heads Have Brains


D Can Be D

Dermot can be Dave

Driving Can Be Dodgy

Doughnuts Can Be Dunked

Doors Can Be Draft

Drinks Can Be Drunk

Dating Can Be Disheartening

Drones Can Be Dangerous

Doritos Can Be Devoured

Dogs Can Be Distracting

Doughnuts Can Be Delicious

Depth Can Be Deceptive

Dave Can Be Demanding

Dogs Can Be Detectives

Delays Can Be Disruptive

Desserts Can Be Delicious

Dancing Can Be Daunting

Days Can Be Dark

Demolition Can Be Dangerous

Daffodils Can Be Droopy

Drinks Can Be Diluted

Dungarees Can Be Denim

Deals Can Be Done

Digestives Can Be Dunked

Drainpipes Can Be Diverted

Doritos Can Be Dipped

Deciding Can Be Difficult

Daughters Can Be Demanding

Dabs Can Be Dipped

Doorbells Can Be Disconnected

Dingle Can Be Daingean

Dust Can Be Dander

Dodgeballs Can Be Dodged

Denim Can Be Doubled

Dynamite Can Be Destructive

Disprin Can Be Dissolved

Delph Can Be Delicate 

Digs Can Be Damp

Doodling Can Be Distracting

Duck Can Be Delicious

Dawn Can Be Dewy

Darkmilk Can Be Divided

Didgeridooing Can Be Draining

Dung Can Be Dirty

Drains Can Be Disgusting

Dumplings Can Be Delicious

Dogs Can Be Dirty

Drains Can Be Deep

Dirt Can Be Dung

Dung Can Be Dropped

Dumps Can Be Disgusting

Droppings Can Be Dumped

Deodorant Can Be Dry

Dumping Can Be Disgusting

Dreadlocks Can Be Dirty

Doors Can Be Disgusting

Dumping Can Be Distracting

Dumplings Can Be Doughy

Dung Can Be Distributed

Discos Can Be Dark

Dropping Can Be Disastrous

Dustbins Can Be Delivered

Dethol Can Be Disinfectant

Dungarees Can Be Doubtful

Dung Can Be Disenfectant

Dungarees Can Be Dapper

Dungeons Can Be Disgusting

Doses Can Be Double

Dumping Can Be Deliberate

Daffodils Can Be Dewy

Dandruff Can Be Depressing

Drink Can Be Draught

Dungarees Can Be Dyed

Dumps Can Be Defeating

Dungarees Can Be Difficult

Dustbins Can Be Digital

Division Can Be Divisive 

Duties Can Be Divided

Doodoo Can Be Done

Dumpling Can Be Divided

Division Be Can Be Divided

Winner: Dungarees Can Be Divisive


Quietness Provokes Reflection

Quality Public Radio

Quick People Run

Quickly Picked Riddle

Quiet People Roar

Quarries Produce Rocks

Questions Present Results

Quarrels Precede Rows

Quick Price Reduction

Questionnaires Provide Responses

Quick Pancake Recipe

Quickly Prepared Roll

Quirky People Rock

Quick Paced Rugby

Quick Paced Run

Quiet Please Recording

Quotes Provide Reassurance

Quiet Picturesque Retreat

Quantum Physics Rocks

Quietness Provides Relaxation

Quiet Please, Reading

Qualified Person Required

Quick Pain Relief

Quilts Provide Radiation

Quick Psychic Reflections

Questions Per Round

Quite Pricey Runners

Quality Provides Reassurance

Quarries Provide Rocks

Quickest Possible Route

Questions Prompt Response

Queens Produce Royalty

Quakes Produce Rumbles

Queues Prevent Riots

Quick Pets Run

Queen Play Rock

Quiet Primary Road

Quick Pull Release

Quick Password Recovery

Quite Positive Reaction

Quidditch Players Rock

Quantifying Personal Responsibility

Quiz Programmes Rock

Quick Proof Read

Quickly Prepared Ragu

Quit Playing Rough

Quietly Plotting Revenge

Quizzes Produce Results

Question People's Responses

Quails Prefer Running

Queues Produce Rows

Quaint Personal Residence

Qualifying Places Return

Quite Peculiar Really

Queens Potatoes Roasted

Quick Protein Release

Quick Postage Required

Quick Pilau Rice

Quote Per Room

Quiet Play Room

Quarantine Pajamas Rock

Question People Regularly

Quick Pause Rewind

Quiz Preparation Recommended

Quick Penneys Reopen

Q precedes R

Quarter Pounders Rule

Question Politicians Reasons

Quit Playing Riddles

Quantum Physics Rocks!

Quite Plainly Ridiculous.

Quick Passport Renewal

Quality Proven Results

Quick Piggyback Ride

Queens Practicing Royalty

Quorn Pieces Recipes

Quiet Party Room

Quarreling Political Rivals

Quality Party Rings

Question Politicians Regularly

Quite Prolonged Reunion

Quick Pay Rise

Quarantine Playlists Rock

Questionable Political Response

Queuing Party Ravers

Quick Parcel Receive

Question Public Representatives

Quick Poll Results

Quarantine Party Room

Quit Political Rallies

Quick Political Rant

Quarantine Parcel Received

Quit Political Rubbish

Quota Point Reached

Quit Persistently Ringing

Quirky Present Received

Quick Parenting Response

Queens Private Residence

Quiz Politicians Rationally

Quite Politicians Returning

Queens Party Raided

Quiz Politicians Rigorously

Questioning Political Roadmap

Question Phasing Restrictions

Qatar Plays Republic

Quality Package Returned

Question Present Restrictions

WINNER: Question Politicians Ruthlessly

The S means N

The Silence Means No

The Sentence Means Nothing

The Sun Means Nutrients

The Siesta Means Napping

The Stomp Means Now

Winner: The Swoosh Means Nike

S Can Be S

Socks Can Be Single

Shopping Can Be Stressful

Snow Can Be Slushy

Stairs Can Be Steep

Sweets Can Be Sour

Spring Can Be Sour

Sausages Can Be Salty

Swiping Can Be Successful

Winner: Scones Can Be Savoury

S S Get L

Some Sauces Get Lumpy

Sour Sweets Get Licked

Secret Santa Get Lazy

Silk Stockings Get Laddered

Single Seniors Get Lucky

Summer Sun Get Long

Saggy Socks Get Loose

Stamps Still Get Licked

Secret Santa Get Lynx

Sunset Shadows Get Longer

Scented Soaps Get Lathered

Some Sweets Get Left

Some Songs Get Louder

Soggy Sprouts Get Left

Silent Siblings Get Lollipops

Squabbling Sisters Get Lectured

Space Stations Get Leaks

Skinny Sausages Get Left

Some Series Get Longer

Some Sundays Get Loud

Small Screws Get Lost

Single Socks Get Lost

Sesame Seeds Get Lodged

Shiny Shoes Get Looks

Some Singers Get Laryngitis

Salt Shakers Get Lumpy

Start Sneezing Get Looks

Stretchy Sweaters Get Longer

Some Sirens Get Louder

Sound Sleepers Get Lazy

Swimming Shorts Get Loose

Summer Sunsets Get Later

Sticky Saucepans Get Left

Some Sandwiches Get Lettuce

Soapy Suds Get Lathered

Sinking Ships Get Lost

Start Stretching Get Loose

Shoe Strings Get Laced

Some Students Get Loans

Say Stuff Get Laughs

Sea Swimmers Get Lattes

Stop Sulking Get Living

Super Slimmers Get Lean

Slow Sprinters Get Lapped

Security Safes Get Locked

Start Slow Get Lively

Sour Sauces Get Lumpy

Sizzling Sausages Get Lavished

Some Sharpies Get Lost

Strappy Sandals Get Looser

Shiny Surfaces Get Lacquered

Shooting Stars Get Luck

Sick Stomachs Get Lucozade

Squeezed Sponges Get Lighter

Scientific Samples Get Logged

Springy Slinkys Get Long

Shiny Sequins Get Lost

Spaghetti Straps Get Loose

Some Syndicates Get Lucky

Skateboard Shoes Get looks


The A is T

The Answer is Time

The Ant is Tiny

The Attic is Treacherous

The Alarm is Timed

The Antarctic is Terrified



Christmas Carol's Coming

Cream Crackers Crack

Curry Cheese Chips

Children Collect Candy

Can't Claim Compensation

Count Cash Carefully

Cakes Contain Calories

Cranky Children Cry

Children Can Count

Caterpillars Can Change

Constant Colour Co-ordination

Cheese Contains Calcium

Clowns Cause Controversy

Cheap Christmas Crackers

Chops Carrots Carefully

Cook Chicken Carefully

Cows Can't Clap

Croissants Create Crumbs

Crows Can Count

Can't Change Circumstances

Crowds Can Chant

Chickens Cluck Continuously

Creepy Crawly Critters

Caterpillars Create Cocoons

Cooking Curly Cabbage

Chocolate Crisp Combo

Chameleons Change Colour

Coffee Contains Caffeine

Chestnuts Can Crack

Custard Can Curdle

Chefs Can Cook

Circles Constantly Curve

Corners Collect Cobwebs

Carry Crystal Carefully

Christmas Candy Can

Cranky Customers Complain

Cows Chew Cud

Cars Cause Carbon

Crispy Crisps Crunch

Craving Christmas Carosl

Carry Cash Carefully

Couches Collect Change

Crabs Claws Crush

Children Cause Chaos

Cranes Can Carry

Cats Climb Cupboards

Contradictions Can Confuse

Can Come Collect 

Cables Carry Currents

Counting Conkers Continuously

Cream Cheese Curdles

Cornflakes Crunch Constantly

Chocolate Covered Cappuccino

Credit Card Charges

Chocolate Contains Calories

Crayons Create Colours

Chunky Chicken Casserole

Caterpillars Can Cocoon

Clingfilm Continuously Clings

Cooking Curly Cabbage

Curlers Create Curls

Cups Can Chip

Crocodiles Can’t Chew

Crocs Cause Controversy

Crowns Cover Cavities

Crinkle Cut Crisps

Containers Carry Cargo

Coal Contains Carbon

Cantonese Crispy Chicken

Clowns Cause Chaos

Carrots Contain Carotene

Canaries Constantly Chirp

Chocolate Causes Cavities

Chew Candy Carefully

Clocks Can Chime

Christmas Cracker Contents 

Crab Claws Crunch

Casserole Contain Carrots

Corners Create Chances

Candy Canes Crunch

Candles Create Calm

Cornflakes Create Crunch

Continually Clearing Cupboard

Chairs Can Collapse

Coconuts Can Catapult

Calculators Can Count

Colour Coded Cables

Cheaters Cut Corners

Clampers Clamp Cars

Claims Cause Compensation

Cold Causes Chills

Credit Card Charges

Call Click Collect

Comfy Cushion Cuddles

Cats Crying Constantly

Compostable Coffee Cup

Cute Cuddly Cat

Careers Can Change

Cases Carry Clothes

Cool Calm Collected

Continental Chicken Curry

Crazy Cartoon Characters

Cheesy Christmas Carols

Containers Contain Cargo

Christmas Comes Cheerfully

Colouring Can Calm

Can't Come Close

Cold Coca Cola

Can Christmas Come

Chunky chipper chips

Crunchies Can Crumble

Canaries Can Chirp

Coughing Circulates Covid

Cream Coloured Chinos

Celebrities Cause Controversy

City Centre Chaos

Can't Cancel Christmas

Caddies Carry Clubs

Course Cavan Can

Continuously Changing Channels

Choose Colours Carefully

Can Cows Cough

Create Christmas Cheer

Craving Cadbury Caramello

Childrens Colouring Class

Chainsaws Can Cut

Clare County Council

Crystals Contain Calcium

Caterpillars Can Crawl

Children's Communions Cancelled

Crisp Californian Chardonnay

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cushions Cover Couches

Cobwebs Cause Commotion

Comedy Central Channel

Cameras Can Click

Chicken Cheese Coleslaw

Carpet Carpets Clean

Curlers Create Curls

Cancel Crap Clues


Your S can T

Your Screw can Tighten

Your Senses can Tingle

Your Skin can Tan

Your Shrubs can Thrive

Your Stairs can Transport

Winner: Your seat can tilt


The New Boy

Try Noni's Biscuits

Try New Books

Winner: Toys Need Batteries

S the C

Suck the Callipo

Slice the Cake

Stuff the Chicken

Shift the Cousin

Sanitize the Counter

Salt the Chips

Seal the Container

Snap the Crackers

Sample the Cuisine

Save the Chimps

Split the Cheque

Straighten the Curl

Share the Crisps

Sam's the Champ

Stop the Corona

Service the Car

Stash the Cash

Soak the Clothes

Solve the Crossword

Shave the Chin

Salt the Caramel

Sprinkle the Charm

Squash the Cardboard

Staple the Corner

Sharpen the Chisel

Savlon the Cut


You Must T Your B

You must tackle your bills

You must trust your beliefs

You must tame your bedhead

You must Toast your Bagel

You Must Train Your Brain

You must Test Your Balance

You must Tile Your Bathroom

You must Tan Your Back

You must Test Your Breaks

You must Trade Your Banger

You must Try Your Best

You must Tighten Your Belt

You must Think You're Beautiful

You must Tip Your Babysitter

You must Tee Your Ball

You must Tow Your Boat

You Must Tag Your Bag

You Must Tear Your Basil

You Must Tune Your Base

You Must Tune Your Burgers

You Must Toast Your Birthday

You Must Tame Your Beast

You Must Take Your Belongings

You Must Tickle Your Belly

You Must Toast Your Bridesmaids

You must Tie your Baloon

You Must Teach Your Boys

You Must Tie Your Bathrobe

You Must Toothpaste Your Brush

You Must Trim Your Bush




Bears Are Omnivores

Boys Are Oblivious

Beavers Aren't Otters

Beans Are Orange

Barbecues Are Outdoors

Beans Are Overrated

Bananas Are Oblong

Bedrooms Are Offices


The A is T

The Alarm Is Timed

The Attitude Is Terrible

The Air Is Tense

The Arm Is Tanned

The Aero Is Tasty

The Army Is Territorial

The Atlantic Is Tidal

The Attic Is Tidy

The Alphabet Is Tiresome

The Alpha Is Territorial

The Atlas Is Torn

The Alexa Is Tired

The Aimsir Is Terrible

The Ant Is Tiny

The Airplane is Taxi-ing

The Apprentice is Training

The Android is Terrible

The Archaeologist is Trembling

The Aroma is Tantalising

The Aerial is Telescopic

The Achievement is Terrific

The Alphabet is Taught

The Acrobat is Trusting

The Anchor is Thrown

The Aero is Tasty

The Answer is True

The Angle is Triangular

The Actor is Theatrical

The Animal Is Trained

The Ankle is Twisted

The Arctic Is Treeless

The Ass is Tame

The Apple is Tangy

The Amazon is Treacherous

The Astroturf is Terrific

The Astrology is True

The Air is Tainted

The Aerial is Terrestrial

The Album is Thriller

The Atlantic is Tidal

The Algorithm is Technical

The Acrobat is Talented

The App is Terrible

The Analyst is Testing

The Abseil is Terrifying

The App is Tracing

The Ace is Tops

The Aerial is Tall

The Accommodation is Terrible

The Aero Is Tasty 

The Alien is Terrestrial

The Attic is Tiny

The Apple is Technological

The Armpit is Ticklish

The Arrangement is Tricky

The Angle is Tight

The Article is Typed

The App is Terrible

The Appointment is Today

The Achilles is Torn

The Airport is Tranquil

The Answer is Testing

The Air is Tainted

The Allowance is Taxed

 The Antique is Tarnished

 The Algebra is Tough

The Avenge is Thor

The Alexa is Talking

The Astronaut is Tiny

The Animal Is Tame 

The Afternoon is Teatime

The Apple is Tart

The Anchovy is Tasty

The Accused is Tried

The Analogy is Tricky

The Aubergine is Tasteless

The Antarctic is Thawing

The Aftermath is Terrifying

The Audio is Terrible

The Arm is Ticking

The Alarm is Ticking

The Axis is Turning

The Achievement is Tremendous

The Atmosphere is Toxic

The Antichrist is Trump

The Announcement is Timely

The Alligator is Territorial

The Album is Timeless

The Allowance is Taxed

The Anchor is Taut

The Art is Timeless

The Alphabet is Taught

The Apron is Tied

The Arm is Twitchy

The Anesthetist is Thorough

The Ass is Twerking

The Archive is Timeless

The Argument is Tactical

The App is TikTok

The Actor is Treading

The Acid is Toxic

The Autumn is Transitional

ANS: The Amazon Is Twisty


Wet Monday Mornings

Working Makes Money

Wham Made Music

Wizards Make Magic

Washing Machine Mumbles

Women’s Mini Marathon

What Matters Most

Weetabix with Milk

Writing Makes Memories

Where's My Mojo

World's Manliest Man

Woman Maketh Man

Women Mesmerise Men

Whelan's Magnificent Motor

Will Maria Marry

Well Manicured Man

Wednesday Morning Madness

Wheelbarrows Move Muck

Winners Make Money

Where's Marshall Mathers

Watch My Manbag

William Maybe Monarch

Whales Make Music

Whelan's Meditation Madness

Waffles Make Meals

Worms Make Mulch

Wheres My Mug

Weekdays Mid Morning

Women Make Men

Wind Makes Music

Worms Mix Muck

Wikipedia Makes Mistakes

Wipes Manage Mess

Walkers Monsters Munch

Wheelbarrows Make Moves

Watch Michael Moonwalk

Watch Mister Men

Wearing Mammy's Musk

Washing My Motor

Women Manage Money

Water Makes Mist

Wash My Mug

Wealth Makes Money

Wellness Meditation Mindfulness

Witches Make Magic

Water Meters Measure

Whelan Mocks Moore

Was Meghan Miserable

Why Me Mom

Wasting My Money

Whales Make Music

When Mountains Move

We Make Mistakes

Whelan Makes Moisturiser

Welders Melt Metal

What Makes Marmalade

Watching Many Movies

Weeks Make Months

We Mustn't Mingle

Windows Make Mirrors

Wood Makes Mulch

We Miss Mammy

Woks Make Meals

Wear My Monocle

Waffle Mixture Melts

Wario Maddens Mario

Wheatus Made Music

Winning Money Matters

Whelan Moore Mayhem

Weetabix Makes Mush

Workshops Mend Machines

Wikipedia Makes Mistakes

Wooden Matchstick Models

Westlife Met Mariah

Waxing My Moustache

Water Makes MiWadi

We Miss McDonalds

Waiters Move Meals

Windchimes Make Music

Wands Make Magic

Walking Moves Muscles

Worst Movie Made

We Made Meringues

Whiskers Mimic Moustaches

Warm Microwaves Meals

Wind Moves Meadows

Walkmans Make Music

Wear Mam's Make-Up

Wishes Might Materialise

White Milky Moos

Wheels Make Momentum

With My Mates

Wives Make Men

Whisk My Mix

Wild Meercats Mingle

Washing Machine Malfunction

We Miss Matches

Where's Maria's Maltesers

Watching Miss Marple

Wonka Made Magic

Workmen Make Motorways

Wooly Mammoths Migrated

Wing Mirrors Move

Wrestling Maic Mantra

Wads Make Money

Wine Makes Memories

Windows Mimic Mirrors

Wheels Make Mirrors

Wiping Messy Minerals

Whisking Makes Meringues

Wonderful Movie Music

We Make Mixtapes

Women's Monthly Magazines

Wipers Move Mechanically

Writing My Memoirs

Winning Memorable Matches

Werewolves Mutate Monthly

Where's Marty Morrisey

Wild Monkeys Mate

Weekday Morning Munchies

We Miss Maria

Words Make Metaphors

Whistling Makes Music

Wicklw's Magical Mountains

Water Makes Mess

Watch Maria Multitasking

Wrecking My Mind

Waking Mid Morning

Weekday Morning Madness

Watching Movie Marathons

Whales Move Majestically

WhatsApp Morning Messages

Wrecking My Melon

Wireless Mobile Mouse

Women Mediate More

Whelan's Matchday Munch

Washing My Mullet

Watching Michael McIntyre

We Marinate Meat

Wiping My Mouth

Women Make Mothers

Where's My Mask

Waves Make Microwaves

Where's Mario's Mushrooms

Wheatus Made Music

Watches Move Mechanically

Wasting My Memory

When Men Moan

Whistling Makes Music

Wonka Made Mayhem

Why Metres Matter

WiFi Modem Malfunction

Watching My Monitor

Well Manicured Man

Whinging Melts Minds

Wanting More Money

Wonka's Magical Men

We Miss Mammies

With Misleading Media

ANS: We Miss Moro's

S is T

Shaving is Tortuous

Sean is Travelling

Summer is Toofaraway

Shopping is Therapeutic

Stew is Traditional


Dermot Thinks...C are D

Dermot Thinks Cats are Devious

Dermot Thinks Clowns are Dangerous

Dermot Thinks Comedians are Deadly

Dermot Thinks Cinemas are Dark

Dermot Thinks Crocs are Dead

Dermot Thinks Cards are Dead

Dermot Thinks Chomps are Delicious

Dermot Thinks Coins are Dirty

Dermot Thinks Castles are Deadly

Dermot Thinks Commutes are Depressing

Dermot Thinks Crabs are Delicious

Dermot Thinks Crows are Delirious

Dermot Thinks Comics are Deadly

Dermot Thinks Curtains are Drawn

Dermot Thinks Chinos are Dressy

Dermot Thinks Children are Demanding

Dermot thinks Chickens are Dinosaurs

Dermot Thinks Cows are Dangerous

Dermot Thinks City are Doomed

Dermot Thinks Cashews are Delicious

Dermot Thinks Carrots are Delicious

Dermot thinks Cars are Deadly

Dermot thinks Caramacs are Disgusting

Dermot thinks Crosswords are Difficult



Friendly Faces

Finger Food

Friends Forever

Football Friends

Festive Fear

Fantasy Football

French Fancies

Fabulous Flowers

Feeling Festive

Fear Factor

Fish Fingers

Frozen Fever

Fat Frog

Finally Finished

Filthy Feet

Freezing Fingers

Frequent Flyer

Feeling Fabulous

Fish Fridays

Football Fanatic

Feckin Flu

Finally February

File Format

Frisbees Fly

Fancy Footwork

Ford Fiesta

Fire Fighting

Facebook Friends

Furry Ferrets

Floppy Fringe

Fresh Flowers

Futons Fold

Fantastic Five

Firm favourite

Freezing February

Fist Fight

Fringe Festival

Five Fingers

Fulacht Fiadh

Fire Flames

Fragile Figurines

Freddie Flintoff

Falcons Fly

Favourite Fries

Fitness Fanatic

Fianna Fáil

Fact Finding

Football Focus

Friendly Faces

Frizzy Fringe

Financial Freedom

Fragrance Free

Foragers Forage

Foo Fighters

Flatpack Furniture

Freaky Feet

Fred Flintstone

Facing Fears

Fly Fishing

Funny Farm

Full Frontal

Football Factory

Five Fingers

Final Fairway

Frozen Films

Flat Football

Fanny Flutters

Fisherman's Friend

Foot Fall

Family Friendly

Flames Flicker

Fiddle Faddle

Fatal Flaw

Foot Fetish

Far Fetched

Ferries Float

Financial Funding

French Fries

Frosty Fingers

Fitbit Fanatics

Flying Frisbee

Festival Fever

Forbidden Fruit

Frying Fries

Fancy Frock

Fish Ferments

Freezing February

Fruity Fresh

First Frost

ANS: Flippers Flap

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The Tree Has Lights

The Teacher Has Laryngitis

The Talk Has Love

The Table Has Legs

The Tea Has Leaves

The Teacher Has Lollies

The Train Has Left

The Tinsel Has Lasted

The Tweet Has Lies

The Tiramisu has Layers

The Tonic has Lemon

The Tinsel has Lights

The Toy has Life

The Tank has Leaked

ANS: The Truck has Lights


Too Soon To Shop

Too Soon To Solve

Tell Santa To Stop

The Season That Sparkles

The Spectacular Toy Show

The Sherbet Tastes Sour

The Storyteller Tells Stories

The Snowman Taking Shape

The Sensational Toy Show

The Sea Tastes Salty

Tabasco Sauce Tastes Spicy

Too Soon To Say

Tinsel Shimmers Tinsel Shines

Twenty Sleeps To Santa

The Sugar Tastes Sweeter


The D is H

The Dish Is Hot

The Dáil Is Hilarious

The Dog Is Hungry

The Donut is Holy

The Door is Hung

The Dictionary is Handy

The Day is Holy

The Data is High

The Desk Is High

The Drive Is Hazardous

The Decor Is Happening

The Dancefloor Is Hopping

The Drone Is Hovering

The Doctor Is Helpful

The Donkey Is Hee-Hawing

The Dumbbell Is Heavy

The Dieter Is Hangry

The Dictionary Is Helpful

The Didgeridoo Is Humming

The Driving Is Hell

The Dail Is Hectic

The Darkness Is Here

ANS: The Dishwasher Is Handy

J S are C

Jelly Sweets are Chewy

Jumble Sales are Crazy

Jump Starts are Common

Jean Shorts are Cool

Jam Scones are Creamy

Jingle Sounds are Coming

Jenga Sets are Collapsing

Jumping Salmon are Clever

Jelly spiders Are Creepy

Joy Sticks Are Controllers

January Sales Are Coming

Jelly Snakes Are Confectionery

Justin's Songs Are Cheese

Jigsaw Shapes Are Confusing

Jumpy Spiders Are Creepy

Jogging Shoes Are Comfortable

Jersey Sheets Are Comfortable

Jam Sandwiches are Comforting

Jedi Soldiers are Clones

Jump Suits are Comfortable

Jumbo Sausages are Chubby

Jolly Snowmen are Coming

John Smith are Common

Joint Seals Are Cracked

Jungle Safaris Are Cool

Jesus Sandals Are Cool

ANS: January Sales Are Crowded


Bring Back Bosco

Bouncy Balls Bounce

Bin Bad Bananas

Bring Burger Buns

Bees Be Buzzing

Beckham Bends Balls

Bring Back Barney

Beyoncé's Big Butt

Buttered Brown Bread

Bring Back Bertie

Breaking Bads Back

Big Breakfast Burger

Bring Back Barack

Better Buy Buckfast

Bags Books Biros

Brian Blesseds Beard

Bed Bugs Bite

Beautiful Bourbon Biscuits

Brexit Brings Borders

Build Bigger Buildings

Backstops Breaking Brexit

Big Belly Button

Big Brothers Boring

Big Black Bags

Bugging Beyond Belief

Baffled By Brexit

Beach Balls Bounce

Brennan's Brown Bread

Black Bin Bags

Boiled Back Bacon

Boys Be Boys

Bring Back Brogan

Builders Build Brick

Big Brass Band

Boys Break Bones

Better Buy Batteries

Brave Beyond Belief

Brains Before Beauty

Black Bowling Bag

Burst Bin Bag

Besties Bring Biscuits

Builders Built Buildings

Bored Beyond Belief

Bouncing Breaks Bones

Bachelors Baked Beans

Brunch Beats Breakfast

Blue Bottles Buzz

Babies Blow Buzzles

Burn Baby Burn

Bushy Big Beard

Blocks Build Buildings

Buttered Barm Brack


Big Ben's Bell

Beef Blockage Battle

Brewers Brew Beer

Bumble Bees Buzz

Basketballs Bounce Better

Bring Back Boyzone

Brennans Batch Bread

Boris Botched Brexit

Buzzing Busy Bees

Bunk Beds Break

Bigger Banana Bunches

Big Bens Bong

Bertie Bullies Bosco

Broken Biscuit Bits

Bugs Bunny Bounces

Big Breakfast Buffet

Bring Barack Back

Bath Bombs Bubble

Bring Back Bebo

Blah Blah Blah

Bank Balance Boost

Baking Banana Bread

Beef Burger Buns

Big Blue Bus

Big Builders Bum

Bop Bop Baby

Bed Bugs Bite

Bish bash bosh

Big Ben's broken

Bags Break Backs

Bring Back Boyzone

Big Beer Belly

Blankety Blank Blank

Big Blue Bin

Blow By Blow

Brandy Before Bed

Big Blubbering Baby

Boys Behaving Badly

Baa Baa Blacksheep

Better Business Bureau

Big Birthday Blues

Before Breakfast Burpees

Blue Bon Bons

Bartenders Bring Beverages

Brittle Bones Break

Boy Bands Breakup

Baseball Bat

Brown Bears Bite

Beautiful Bantry Bay

Butterflies Become Beautiful

Bundorans Beautiful Beaches



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Kids Play Football

Kilkenny's Plan Fails

Knorr Packet Soup

Kids Pee Frequently

Bit By Bit

Bring Back Bread

Bushy Beards Bristle

Ans: Kids Play Fortnite

D and D are I

Dermot and Dave are Idiots

Dumb and Dumber are Idiots

Dermot and Dave are International

Dungeons and Dragons are imaginary

Diarmuid and Daithi are Irish

Dermot and Dave are Irreplaceable

Dermot and Dave are Inseparable

Dermot and Dave are Icons

Do's and Don'ts are Important

Dusk and Dawn are Inevitable

Drive And Determination are Important

Diets and Discipline are Important

Dinner and Desert are Inevitable

Dandruff and Dreadlocks are Itchy

ANS: Diets and desserts are incompatible


Dáil's Bar Rats

Don't Bother Reading

Dermot's Big Rant

Desperate Bride Runs

Delicious Barbecue Ribs

Dublin Bus Route

David Beckham's Rear

Dermot’s Burger Rant

Dermot Bannon Renovates

Dermots Breath Reeks

Dodge Ball Rules

Dentists Brush Regularly

Dogs Break Rules

Dave Buys Rubbish

David Bowie Records

Don’t Be Ridiculous

Double Breakfast Roll

Dave Becomes Ratty

Don’t Be Raging

Dermot’s Beard Rocks

Dogs Bed Ruined

Damaged Beyond Repair

Dude Boris Rules

Designated Bicycle Route

Donate Blood Regularly

Driving Back Roads

Dad Bods Rock

Deep Breaths Relax

Don't Believe Rumours

Down Bog Roads

Didn't Bother Returning

Don't Bother Ringing

Dermot Bannon returns

Dad Bods Rule

Devouring Breakfast Rolls

Dempsey's Breakfast Radio

Dave Breaks Radio

Donald Boris Really

Dermot Bragging Rights

Dermot Better Run

Dead Bodies Rot

Dreams Become Reality

Denny Bacon Rashers

Durable Batteries Recharge

ANS: Disco Balls Reflect

M M is B

My Missus is Broke

My Mammy is Brilliant

Mick McCarthy Is Back

Midnight Munching Is Binging

Magical Messi Is Breathtaking.

Male Mates is Bromance

Mega Machine is Bigger

Money Making is Business

Mouldy Milk is Bad

Morris Minor is British

Making Memories is beautiful

Money Management is Beneficial

Marty Morrissey is Beautiful

Monster munch is best

Monday morning is Bad

Mamma Mia is Back

Maria's Mouth is Bigger

Mr Motivator is built

Mattress Mick is Back

Muireanns Megamix is Brilliant

My Mattress is Bouncy

Meghan Markle is Blooming

Maria's Management is Brilliant

Mini Marathon is Brilliant

Mother's Milk is Best

Maria's Microphone is Broken

Magnificent Metallica in Barcelona

My Mouse is Broken

Mini Marathon is Back

Maria's Marker is Blue

My Manager is Bossy

Midnight mass is Back

Mighty Munch is Baked

Meghan Markel is Blooming

Mad Max is Bizarre

Molly Malone is busty

Mid Morning Is Best

My Mouth Is Burning

Mario’s Mimicry Is Brilliant

Metal Music Is Best

My Muffin is Blueberry

My Mind is Blank

Michael McIntyre is Brilliant

Mitown Malbay is Beautiful

Making Money is Business

Melted Mozzarella is Best

Mind Mapping is Bonkers

My Myth is Busted

Monday's Memo is Boring

Molly Malone is Beautiful

Multiple Millions is Billions

Metallica Madness is Back

M50 Motorway is Busy

My Money is Banked

Mark McCabe is Back

Marshall Mathers is Berserk

Migrating Marsupials is Banned

Marty McFly is Back

March Madness is Basketball

Marty Morrisey is Boring

Mario's Moustache is Big

Melon Milkshake is Blended

Mariah's Music is Boring

My Mobile is blocked

Mint McFlurry is back

My Mattress is bulky

Mario's Moustache is Black

My Mouth is Burning

Muscle Mass is Best

My Moustache Is Bushy

Mint Magnum Is Best

Malteaser Magic Is Bubbly

Mr Magoo Is Blind

More Magpies Is Better

Mike Myers Is Brilliant

My Meeting is Boring

Marathon Medal is Bronze

Moving Monuments is Bizarre

Malted Milk Is Biscuity

Mince Meat Is Brown

Mini Marathon Is Back

Monday Morning Is Blue

My Music Is Best

My Meditation Is Blissful

My Memory Is Bad

Making Music Is Beautiful

Magic Marker Is Black

Meatball Marinara is Basic

Miniature Museum in Berlin

My Mood is Blue

Millennial Man is Bearded

Me Ma is Bulling

Marty McFly is Back

McDonald's Monopoly Is Big

Maybe Mine Is Bigger

My mind Is Banjaxed

McDonalds Mac Is Big

More Marmalade Is Better

Mary Magdelene Is Biblical

Meghan Markel is British

Maria's Mammy is Beautiful

Mattress Mick is Beautiful

Mac makeup is Best

My mammy is Bananas

Metal music is Best

My Molar is Broken

Mincing Meat is Butchery

Mary McEvoy is Biddy

Money Management is Bad

Mattress Mick is Bouncy

Mad Men is Brilliant

Mince Meat is Bolognese

Making Memories is Beautiful

Minding Money is Boring

My Memory is Brutal

Molly Mae is Blonde

Modern Medicine is Brilliant

McDonald's McFlurry Is Best

Mixing Margaritas Is Bartending

Malteaser Middle Is Biscuity

Matthew McConaughey is Bearded

Mr Mustard is Back

My Man is Beardy

My mower is Broken,

Mowing Machine is Banjaxed

Mathew Maconachy is Bearded

Male Manicuring is Back



Envelopes can't stick

Extra curry sauce

Eggs Can Scramble

Electricity Can Shock

Eat Chocolate Slowly

Eggs Can Smash

Every Child's Special

Elastics Can Sting

European championship sailing

Eeyore Can't Smile

Elephants Can Snorkel

Electricity Can Surge

Eyeliner Can Smudge

Engine's Can Stall

Every Cat Scratches

Every Choir Sings

Elsa Can Sing

Easy Cheesy Singles

Exams Cause Stress

Everything Changes Slowly

Exercising Can Strengthen

Everyone Can Sing

England Can’t Stay

Emails Can Spam

Eating Chocolate Satisfies

Early Christmas Shopping

Eagles Can Swoop

Estimating Costs Since.

Electricity Can Shock

Eircode Can See

Every Cent Spent

Eyes Can See

Empty Cramped Stomach

Enya Can Sing

Every Child Screams

Excellent Cream Slices

Eletricians Can't Sing

Escalators Can Stop

Electronic Coin Saver

Emojis Can Smile

Every Cat Stretches

Easter's Coming Soon

Easy Conversion Sexton

Earrings Can Sparkle

Eskimos Carve Snow

Elevators Can Stop

East Coast Shores

Electric Charging Stations

Elvis Could Sing

Electronic Cigarettes Smell

Evenly Cooked Steak

Extra Cups Stacked

Empty Carpark Spaces

Easy Computer Solutions

Elegant Cucumber Sandwiches

Earth Circles Sun

Everybody Calls Shotgun

Echoes Create Sound

Expect Cold Showers

Economy Class Seats

Egyptian cotton sheets

Evergreens Can't Shed

Everyone Counts Sheep

Earth Can Spin

Eating Cereal Slowly

Eating Cough Sweets

Energy Cost Savings

East Coast Sunshine

Every Circle's Symmetrical

Eczema Causes Scratching

Excellent Community Spirit

Everything Comes Simple

Eating Crisps Smells

Ever Changing Seasons

Everyone Climbs Stairs

Earwigs Crawl Slowly

Excellent Customer Service

Earn Cash Simply

Every Crime Solved

Electricians Change Sockets

Express Car Service

Epiphanies Come Suddenly

Eurovision's Cheesy Songs

Eating Carrot Sticks

Eat Chew Swallow

Extra Curricular Studies

Eating Clean Sucks

Even Cows Snore

Extra Computer Screen

Explosions Cause Supernovas

Employees can sue

Easy Cash Sure

Earth can survive

Escalators can't stop

Empty closet space

Elephant calves stumble

Elevators Can Stall

Extremely Close Shave

Every Crowd Shouts

Everyone Cooks Spuds

Early Christmas Shopping

Education Creates Success

Eyebrows Can Singe

Entertaining Comedy Show

Excellent Chat Show

Eminem Can’t Sing

Exercise Can Suck

Easels Can Stands

Every Cinema Smells

Enzymes Catalyse Substrates

Everyone Can Succeed

Exputex Cough Syrup

Every Chimpanzee Swings

Egg Cress Sandwich

Eggs came second

Eating Crunchy Salad

Extended Custodial Sentence

Enjoy. Crunchies. Slowly.

Extensions Create Space

Exfoliate Chapped Skin

Eclairs Can Satisfy

Eventually Cars Stop

Electric Cable Splitter

Eggs can’t sing

Eat Chuck Stew

Egg Cress Sandwiches

ANS: Emails contain signatures 

B is a C

Bread is a Carb

Burgundy is a Colour

Breakfast is a Cure

Blue is a Colour

Burglary is a Crime

European Container Supplies

Eminem Can’t Sing

Every Californian Surfs


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Last Calls

Loving Coffee

Lucky Cow

Let’s Chant

Lower Cholesterol

Liquid Cooled

Limerick City

Little cutie

Last Chance

Lovely crisps

Loft conversion

Little Charlie

Loud Crows

Local Chipper

Love Cupid

Limerick Champions

Louise's comeback

Large Coke

Leaving Cert

Liverpool’s Cup

Lovely Cuddles

Lucky charm

Listen Carefully

Locked Computer

Laughing Cow

Love Cupid

Last Christmas

Loyalty Card

Lovely Cuppa

Live Concert

Learning Curve

Lads C'mon

Locked Cabinet

Light cheddar

Lego Craze

Lunar cycle

Lycra Chafes

Luscious Carpet

Looking Confident

Large Chicken

Lauren Conrad


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The M is F

The Mirror is Foggy

The Music is Festive

The Month is Flying

The Mother is Frantic

The Mattress is Firm

The Mistletoe if Festive

The Mash is Fluffy

The Mourinho is Finished

The Mistletoe is Fun

The Manager is Full

The Mustard is French

The Milk is Fresh

The Moon is Full

The Milk is Frothy

The Maid is Fired

The Money is Free

The Message is Festive

The Mantelpiece is Festive

The Motorway is Fast

The Moon is Freezing

The Movie is Full

The Maze is Frightening

The Man is Falling

The Mic is Fuzzy

The Meeting is Finished

The Malteaser is Favourite

The Meter is Full

The Match is Fixed

The Monologue is Funny

The Milkman is Farting

The Moon is flat

The Mass is Forever

The Motherboard is Fried

The Maria is Fianced

The Massey is Fasht

The Muscle is Flexed

The Mac is Fashionable

The Meteor is Flying

The Motorway is Full

The Mountain is Ferocious

The Mineral is Flat

The Manager is Fair

The Mistletoe is Fake



Bring Back Bosco

Blind Boy Boatclub

Bono Borrows Boras

Bursting Big Balloons

Burn Baby Burn

Bish Bash Bosh

Bring Back Blockbusters

Beautiful Baby Boy

Bring Back Bertie

Broken Bourbon biscuits

Bad Baubles Break

Bye Bye Brexit



Internet Movie Database

I Make Delicious Buns

I Miss David Brent

I Make Dogs Bark

Inmates Make Bad Decisions

Ireland Must Debate Brexit

I Must Do Better

Iron Man Defeats Baddies

I Must Drink Beer

I Make Dinner Better

Is Mise Dermot Bannon

Is Maria Dyed Blonde?

I Miss Deirdre Barlow

Internet Makes Dating Better

Is My Derrière Big

Is Mince Dark Brown

Internet Memes Date Badly

It's My Dad's Birthday

I Make Deadly Bread

Irish Mammy’s Delegate Badly

I Make Deadly Brownies

I Make Badass Donuts

Is My Dog Barking

Italian Men Dress Better

Into My Dark Basement

Is Michael D Bald

Ian's Mancrush, David Bowie.

Irish men Don't Breakdance

Instagram Makes Dating Better

Ink makes Dirty blobs

I'll mind Dave's Balls

Imagine meeting David Bowie

I might dunk biscuits

Is Maria’s Day Better

Irish Manager Denies Bust-up

IKEA makes Dave Blush

I might Die Bald

Isn’t Mother’s Dinner Better

I Make Dave's Breakfast

I Met Drew Barrymore

I Must Donate Blood

I miss David Beckham

I Mean Damn Bro

Intruders Make Dogs Bark

I Mean Deep Breaths

In My Day Boy

Is My Dinner Burning

I Might Drop By

I might Be Dave



Recline The Deckchair

Regret The Decision

Rise The Dust

Ripped The Dress

Raise The Dead

Reject The Disk

Rush The Dancefloor

Roll The Dough

Read The Dictionary

Relive The Dream

Remember The Date

Ring The Doctor

Rinse The Dishes

Read The Description

Repeat The Dose

Roll The Dice

Ring The Doorbell

Remove The Disc

Read The Directions

Race The Dog

Rub The Dog

Ruin The Duvet

Reconnect The Device

Roast The Duck

Redecorate The Downstairs

Ring The Doctor

Ride The Donkey

Repaint The Door

Rue The Day

Repair The Damage

Ring the Dáil

Rearrange the dishwasher

Reach the Destination

Rob the Dog

Run the Dishwasher

Read the Declaration

Rent the DVD

Read the Disclaimer

Rock the Dancefloor

Reload the Disc

Rowlf the Dog

Release the drone

Release the Doves

Read the Draft

Refuse the Dinner

Raid The Drawer

Retweet the Donald

Ringo the Drummer

Ring the Dj's

Resist the drink

Rudolph the Deer

Redraw the Drawing

Respect the Donald

Raise the Drawbridge

ANSWER: Remember the Discman

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Don't Tip The Can

Don't Try The Chilly

Don't Tug the Cat

Don't Touch the China

Don't Touch the Cooker

Don't Tip The Cow

Don't Touch The Channel

Don't Touch The Crocs

Don't Tell The Children

Don't Tease The Children

Don't Touch The Chips

ANSWER: Don't Tangle The Cable


Love Island losers

Lager Is liquid

Leprechauns In Lanzarote

Living In Luxury

Limerick Is Lucky

Living It Large

ANSER: Laois Is Landlocked


Cold Chips Can Be Amazing

Crossword Clues Can Be Anagrams

Cameras Can Catch Bad Angles

Cool Calm Collected Beats All

Can't Chat Call Back Again

Cats Can Cause Bad Allergies

Cold Calls Can Be Annoying

Croatia Certainly Could Beat Argentina

Candy Crush Can Become Addictive

Careers Can Cause Bad Arguments

Club classics Can Be Awesome

Clots Can Cause Blocked Arteries

Cold Coffee Can Be Awful

Can’t contain Cristiano's Brilliant Attempts

Cottage cheese can be Awful

Costa coffee Can Be Addictive

Colm Cooper Can Block Anything

Clearasil Can Cure Bad Acne

Custard Creams Can Be Addictive

Cold Callers Can Be Annoying

Cats Can Cause Bad Allergies

Custom cars can be amazing

Crisis Calls Can Bring Awareness

Credit Cards Can Buy Anything

Cars Can Carry Beach Accessories

Currently Closed, Call Back Again

Caught Criminals Can Be Aggressive

Can Cows Calf Before Autumn

Chinese Chicken Curry Balls Appetizer

Conor can come back Again

Cheese Can Cause Bad Allergies

Cockerels Crowing Can Be Annoying

Cash Crisis Can't Buy Anything

Cloning Children Could Bring Anarchy

Credit Cards Can Be Accessed

Corncrakes Can Come Back Again

Continental Climate Can Be Amazing

Circus Clowns Can Be Annoying

Climbing Clematis Can Break Arches

Credit Cards Can Buy Anything

Crazy Clowns Can Be Aggressive

Can Canned Carrots Be Alright

Certain Celebs Can Be Annoying

Children Crying Can Be Annoying

Croatia Can Certainly Beat All

Crazy Cats Can Be Aggressive

Cooking Chocolate Causes Belly Aches

Curry Cheese Chips Beats All

Collecting Croc's Can Be Addictive

Couldn't Connect Call Back Again

Cadburys Chocolate Chip Bars Anyone

Computers Crashing Can Be Annoying

Classic Cars Can Breakdown Anywhere

Cheesey Chicken Ceaser Beats Anything

Cranes Can Construct Big Apartments

Chef's Cooking Can Be Angry

Chinese Curry Chicken Beats All

Cranes Can Carry Basically Anything

Climate change can be avoided.

Customer care can be atrocious,

Cadbury's Carmello Chocolate Beats All

Collective consciousness can be awakened.

Can Croatia champion Ball Abroad?

Clare Crowds Can Be Amazing

Childcare Costs Can Be Astronomical

Christano Can Curve Balls Anywhere

Catalytic Converter Can Break Automobiles

Christmas can cause bad arguments.

Can’t Cope Can’t Be Arsed

Cartoon Characters Can Be Awesome

ANSER: Cleaning Chimneys Can Be Awkward 

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Orville Wright Looked Up

Orderly When Lined Up

Oranges Won't Look Unripe

Orca Whales Leap Up

Oklahoma Was Left Unimpressed

Only Whingers Like Us

One Word Left Unsaid

Office Workers Look Unfit

Our Water Looks Unclear

Oh Wouldya Lighten Up

Only Watching Latest Uploads

On Wikipedia Looking Up

Overall Winner Left Undefeated

Other Wombles Live Underground

Onesies With Luxurious Undies

Old Windows Lift Up

Older Women Love Uggs

Outside Weather Looks Ugly

Only Workers Like Unions

Only Water Lies Underground

Only Winners Level Out

Often Women Love Underwear

Our Weather Looking Up

Out With Large Underwear

Outdoor Weddings Look Unreal

Our World Loves Unity

Our Whelan Loves U2

Old Women Love Umbrellas

Our Whelan Loved Universal

Out With Loose Undies

Oprah Winfrey Looks Unbelievable

Owls Won't Look Up

Oaties Were Left Untouched!

Oil Wicks Light Up

Our Weather Looks Unpredictable

Office Workers Love Uber

Orange Walls Look Ugly

Our Weather's Looking Up

Outdoor Weddings Look Unreal

Our Windows Look Unclean

Our Whelan Loves United

Only Women Like University

Only Women Like Unicorns

Only Wear Linen Underwear

Our Whelan Loved Universal

Oprah Winfrey Looks Unbelievable

Out With Loose Undies

Outdoor Weddings Look Unique.

Our Writing Looks Untidy

Oprah Winfrey Laughs Uncontrollably

Options With Low Undercut

Ocean Waters Link Up

Our Women Loves Us

Oven Windows Look Ugly

Oscar Winners Look Unconfortable

Only Women Love Unicorns

Off White Looks Unclean

Online Weather Looks Unbroken

Only Wise Laugh Uncontrollably

Oil Wells Lie Underground

Online Weather Looks Unbroken

Only Women Love Uggs

Our Website Looks Unbelievable.

Owen Wilson Loves U2

Online Websites Log Users

Old Windows Look Ugly

Oh Wow Look Up

Ocean Wildlife Live Underwater

Oprah Would Like Us

Obama Wears Lucky Underwear.

Offaly Water Left Undrinkable

One Winner Looks Unhappy

Oscar Wilde Likes Ulysses

Our Weight Limits Us

Orinoco Womble Lives Underground

Oprah Winfrey Loves Underwear

Onions Will Live Underground

Oiled Wheels Loosen Up

Out With Leeds United

Over Without Looking Under

Oprah Winfrey Loves Uber

Oprah Winfrey Listen Up

Over Weight Looks Ugly

Old Wrappers Look Unique

Orangutans Walk Like Us

Only Wear Loose Underwear



Super Glue Sticks

Sour Granny Smiths

Seriously Good Stuff

Silence Golden Silence

Seriously Good Steak

Should Goats Shave

Shoes Get Softer

Summer Gets Shorter

Soup Goes Sour

Slugs Go Slow

Some Gates Squeak

So Gob Smacked

Socks Go Saggy

Sewing Grass Seeds

Snow Gets Slushy

Snow Goes Slushy

So Good Snow

Snow Games Saturday

Steven Gerrard Slips

Soccer's Gone Soft

Swallows Go South

Sure Gwan Sure

So Google Something

Students Get Steamed

Sean's Girly Scream

Sandwiches Get Soggy

Showers Get Steamy

Smelly Gammy Socks

Sometimes Gossip Sticks

Sounds Good Sweetie

Spinach Gives Strength

Slowly Going Senile

Sure G’wan Sure

So Google Something

Students Get Steamed

Spice Girls Songs

Snails Go Slowely

Spring Gets Started

Still Going Strong

Some Grill Sausages

Smell Gets Stronger

Slime Gets Sticky

Summer Gets Smiles

Spring Gets Snow

Superb Grand Slam

Stop Go System

Sean's Gone Soft

Shot Gun Shelly

Salad Goes Soggy

Short Guy Syndrome

Shepherds Gather sheep

Sports Gear Stinks

Sailors Go Sailing

Shes Got Style

Sandwiches Go Stale

Soap Gets Slippy

Spaghetti Goes Soggy

Superb Golf swing

Save Granny's Soul

Shopping Gets Stressful

Small Green Sweets

She’s Got Style

Sandwiches Go Stale

Seagulls Grab Sandwiches

Slowly Getting Started

Sausages Go Sizzle

Scottish Guy Shouting

Siri Gives Solutions

Swimming Gets Stressful

Sisters Get Spoiled

Salami Gets Salted

Sour Grapes Suck

Still Going Strong

Special Guest Star

Selena Gomez Sings

Stupid Guess Sean

Shelly Goes Sugarfree

Second Gear Start

Sean gets snotty

Sandwiches give sustenance

Sandals Gather Sand



Take The Time

Time To Transfer

Tik Tak Toe

Tiling Takes Time

Three Times Tables

That Thing There

Time To Train

Thomas The Tank

Terrible Twos Tantrum

The Tullow tank

Tea Time Teaser

Tractors tow trailers

The Terrible Two's

Thursday Thinking Thoughts

Two thirty three

Taytos Taste Terrific

Tell the truth

Totally tropical taste

Trick The teacher

Trump talks trash

Two Twits Talking

Tastes too Tangy

Turnips Taste Terrible

The Tornado Twists

Top Ten Tips.

This Time Tomorrow

Try Topping That

Throw The Towel

Thinking takes time

Talking total tripe

Twerk That Tushy

The train Timetable

Tommy Tiernan Today

Teacakes Taste Terriffic

Telling Tall Tales

Teams train together

TodayFM Turns Twenty


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P a B is A

Parking A Bus Is Awkward

Parking A Bus Is Awesome

Popping a blackhead is Awesome

Plucking a Brow is Agony,

Putting a blanket-on is awesome

Playing a Blitz is agonising

Parenting a baby is amazing

Planning a Birth is Absurd.

Passing a bar is appealing.

Planting a bomb is awful.

Planning a Break is Awesome

Peeling a banana is artistic,

Potting a Black is Awesome

Pruning a Bonsai is Awkward

Piercing a bellybutton is awful

Pumping a ball is annoying.

Playing A Bagpipe Is Antisocial.

Pouring A Beer Is Awesome.

Presenting a Bafta is awesome.

Peeling a Banana is Automatic

Paddington a Bear is Awesome

Plumbing a Bathroom is Annoying

Playing a Broadcaster is Anchorman

Playing a Bass is Awesome

Placing A Bet is Addictive

President a Businessman is America

Peanut Butter is Awesome

Popping a Bubblewrap is Addictive

Pulling a Bird is Ace

Purchasing a Bitcoin is Allowed

Punching a Bully is Acceptable

Picking a Bestie is Awkward

Preparing a Brunch is Awesome

Pouring a Bailey's is Awesome

Passing a Baton is Athletic

Perfecting a Bolero is Arduous

Producing a Beat is Awesome

Playing a Blinder is Amazing

Piercing a Blister is Agony

Painting a Butterfly is Awesome

Publishing a Book is Amazing

Pushing a Bicycle is Annoying.

Punching a Balloon is Awkward

Painting a Balloon is Artistic

Plucking a Bird is Awkward

Picking a Bridesmaid is Amazing


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Mama Mia Sequel Coming

Milk Makes Soup Creamy

Mind Maria She's Cold

Meghan Markle Suits Charming

Merry Merry Super Christmas

Molly Malone Sung Cockles

Miss Marple Solves Crimes.

Mammy Makes Savage Cabbage

Make Me Some Coffee

My Most Special Christmas

My Mate Santa Claus

My Mammy Snogged Clause

Mammy Mammy Santa’s Coming

Maria Might Select Christopher

Mickey Mouse Sings Carols

Mr & Mrs Santa Claus

Most Mancunians Support City

Make Me Some Cash

ANSWER: Milk Must Stay Cold


Your secret is safe

Your skirt is short

Your star is shining

Your Show is Savage

Your Story is Shocking

Your Smoothie is Sickening

Your Spaghetti is Stringy

Your Sign is Sagittarius

Your Sandwich is Stuffed

Your Sandwich is Soggy

Your Slinky is Springy

Your Suit is Slick

Your Song is Silly

Your Smile is Stunning

Your Shirt is Stained

Your Skin is Sizzled

Your Socks are Soft

Your Sister is Sexy

Your Secret is Safe

Your Sausages is Sizzling

Your Snoring is Shocking

Your Stew is Sensational

Your Suit is Stunning

Your Shift is Sloppy

Your Sidekick Is Superb

Your Shot is Smug

Your Soup is Sumptuous

Your Smile is Sexy

Your Sauce is Spicy

ANSWER: Your Scarf is Snugly 

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We Walloped Wales

Willy Warmers Work

What Women Want

Wimps Wear Wetsuits

World Wide Web

Windy Weather Warning

Wibbly Wobbly Wonder

Whiskey With Water

Whoever Wins Wins

Wild Wild West

William Wrote Words

Wet Wet Wet

When Where Why

Who What Where

Women Want Wine

Wine With Water

Willy Wonka's Wonderland

Who Wears What

Wee Willie Winky

Wet Wipes Work

Win Win Win

Wonder Woman Wins

Who Wears Wigs

ANSWER: Wild Winds Whistle


Lots of teachers mark during summer

Lots of tequila makes Dave sick

Lots of turtles must dig sand

Lots of toys make Dave scared

Lots of tomato's make delicious soup

Lots of toothpaste make dentures shine

Lots of tasty mustard dressing salad

Lots of talking made Dermot sick

Lots of totally mad Dublin supporters

Lots of tomatoes make delicious salsa

Lots of trumpets make deafening sounds

Lots of training makes Dave sweat

Lots of tea makes Dermot sluggish

Lots of today's men don't shave

Lots of traffic makes Dublin slow

Lots of things make Dave smile

Lots of treats make dogs slobber

Lots of tuna makes Dermot stink

Lots of tomatoes make delicious salads

Lots of toilets make dripping sounds

Lots of tractors made Dave smile'

Lots of time Maria don’t sweat

Lots of toffee makes dentures stick

Lots of teachers may do science

Lots of taxi men drive saloons.

Lots of today’s men do shopping

Lots of toys make Department stores

Lots of teeth makes dentists smile.

Lots of trendy men don't shave

Lots of towels make dry skin.

Lots of tractors may drip silage

Lots of training makes Dave strong

Lots of tickles make Dave squeel

Lots of tomatoes make Dolmio sauce

Lots of Tornadoes Make Dangerous storms

Lots of Trade’s Men Don’t Show

Lots of Tele Makes Dave Stupid

Lots of Turbulence Makes Dave Scared

Lots of Thunder Makes Dogs Scared

Lots of Tea Made During Soaps

Lots of Tractors Making Diesel Suck

Lots of turkeys makes December Special

Lots of Tinder Matches Don't Speak

Lots of Toast Makes Dermot Smile

Lots of Twisters Make Dangerous Storms

Lots of Toblerones Make Dermot Sick

Lots of Tutoring Makes Diligent Students

Lots Of Teams Might Do Something

Lots Of Trainers Might Do Squats

Lots Of Top Models Doing Struts

ANS: Lots of Traffic Makes Drivers Sad


Coke Is Best Served Chilled

Cider Is Best Served Cold

Crab Is Best Served Cold

Christmas Is Becoming So Commercialised

Courage Is Basically Staying Cool

Chocolate Is Basically Sugary Calories

Cream Is Best Served Cold

Cadbury's Is Bloody Serious Chocolate

Cork Is Bloody Savage Craic

Cancer Is Bad So Care

Cement Is Basically Sticky Clay

Chocolate Is But Sugary Calories

Christmas Is Bringing Some Cheer

Caviar Is Best Served Cold

Champagne Is Best Served Chilled

ANS: Chicken Is Best Served Cooked


Phone shops have credit

Puppet strings have controls

Petrol stations have cars

Pork Scratchings have changed

Punctuation still have commas

Police stations have cells

Pirate ships have cannons

Police stations have cops

Postage stamps have corners

ANS: Pirate Ships Have Captains


Ian is chocolate mad

In Italy Catholics mingle

Ireland's invincible Conor McGregor

Is it cool man

I idolise Chris Martin

Iniesta in central midfield

India is curry mad

Is it country music

In Italy cows moo

I’m in county Mayo

If I can’t move

Isn't it comedy magic

I'm in crazy mode

In Ireland cows moo

Italian ice cream machine

It's Irish cows milk

Ice igloos can melt

Iceland's icebergs can't melt

I'm into collecting moths

I'm in Christmas mode

Ice in Coke melts

Insert ink cartridge manually

Ireland is cold mostly

Is it Christmas Mammy

In Italy coffee matters

I'm into country music

I inhale cake mix

Ireland idolises Conor McGregor

India is cricket mad

Impractical ideas cause mayhem

I inhale carbon monoxide

I'm in complete meltdown

I'm into chocolate mice

Ian's into country music

It is crazy money

Ireland is chocolate mad

Ireland is Celtic mad

Ian is cooking mackerel

Irish items cost more

ANSWER: Ireland invented chocolate milk


See stars in space

Sizzling sun in summer

Small sizes in stock

School starts in September

Spaghetti shapes in sauce

Size six in shoes

Susan Sarandon in Stepmom

Snakes slither in sand

Sheer sheep in spring

Sea salt in stew

Singing songs in Spanish

Short socks in sandals

Snails slither in slime

Smelly socks in sandals

Sand sandwiches in summer

Soccer starts in September

Spread slurry in summer

Skinless sausages in soup

So sexy in stockings

Seven seas in Sinbad

Sweet smell in success

Sesame Street in Spanish

Salsa sauce in Spain

Super sexy in slippers

Sipping Sangria in Spain

Sea shells in sand

Slugs shrivel in salt

Sound system in studio

ANSWER: Satellites spin in space


Trump is an ass

Traffic as an annoyance

Tequila is an alcohol

Twitter is an addiction

Twitter is an app

Tony is an angel

Terminator is an android

Toad is an amphibian

ANSWER: Thriller is an album


Pick my team

Pay my taxes

Push my trolley

ANSWER: Pop My Toast


Your mood is fowl

Your mailbox is full

Your mouth is full

Your makeup is flawless

Your mug is full

Your modem is fixed

Your muscle is fit

Your marriage is forever

Your metabolism is fast

Your milkshake is frothy

Your mind is free

Your muesli is fruity

Your man is fine

Your mask is frightening

Your mouth is foul

Your mate is fit

Your mind is fickle

Your microphone is finicky

Your mattress is firm

Your mustard is French

Your memory is flawed

Your mainsail is flapping

Your motor is flooded

Your mission is futile

Your microphone is fuzzy

Your motor is fecked

Your milk is fresh

Your mash is fluffy

Your mandible is flexible

Your mango is fermenting

Your mare is foaling

Your meal is frugal

Your momma is fat

Your mobile is faulty

Your Minion is funny

Your month is February

Your machine is faulty

Your memory is full

Your magic is fake

Your muscle is flexed

Your meat is frozen

Your mammy is fantastic

Your mind is fading

Your man is funny

Your manager is feisty

Your mouse is flashing

Your meat is fatty

Your mortgage is fixed

Your monitor is frozen

Your mam is funny

Your mirror is foolproof

Your monkey is funky

Your mocha is frothy

Your money is filthy

Your microwave is flashing

Your mug is funny

Your meal is free

Your mansion is fabulous

Your mother is family

Your media is fake

Your mother is furious

Your marsbar is fried

Your mask is freaky

Your man is farming

Your mop is filthy

Your marker is fine

Your muffin is fluffy

Your monitor is flickering

Your mattress is foam

Your match is Friday

Your mustard is fiery

Your marriage is fake

Your mojo is flat

Your man is fit

Your mascot is fab

Your monkfish is frozen

Your meringue is fluffy

Your match is finished

ANSWER: Your mouse is filthy - huge congratulations to Brian Burke from Galway who won €1,800 for this guessing one!


Sometimes it's sunny in Seville

Sun is shining in summer

Sleeping in socks is silly

Sometimes I suspect I'm stupid

Socks in sandals are silly

Socks in sandals are stupid

Swordfish is sold in steaks

Salpa is sexy in stockings

Sometimes in summer I sunbathe

ANSWER: Sometimes it snows in spring 


Spaniards do siestas

Sausages Dermot sausages

Some day soon*

Snowflakes don't smell

Snoring disturbs sleep

Safety data sheets

Save Dave's soul

Seven deadly sins

Save don't send

Sewerage does smell

Sharks don't shave

Slippers don't slip

Sausages don't sizzle

Seven Dwarfs sing

Stupid damn sentences

Sheep don’t swim

Sharks do smile

Stupid deli sandwiches

Squirrels don’t spit

Special delivery service

Sip don't slurp

Skunks definitely stink

Sometimes Dermot sings

Swans don't sing

Sugar does sweeten

Sush Dave's sleeping

Squirrels don't squeak

Same day service

Sour dough scones

Soldiers don't smile

Slotthed drive system

Santa doesn't sleep

Saints don't sin

Snoop Dog sings

Sometimes doors slam

Sharks don't sleep

Suds don't sink

Snails don't sprint

Slurry does stink

School days suck

Some dislike sharing

Stop doing stuff

Students don't save

Should Dermot shave?

ANSWER: Starfish don't swim.

A B C Don't

A boy called Dave

Alright boys calm down

Anything but Chelsea drawing

Any body can dance

All beavers construct dams

Another bright clear day

Anything but cheese Dave

A ball can deflate

A brilliant cut diamond

All Blacks Chicago defeat

After bright comes darkness

Alpha bravo charlie delta

A beautiful cuddly dog

Another blustery cold day

Alcoholic beverages cause drunkenness

Alight bruv calm down (in a London accent)

A big creamy donut

After Barack came Donald

A bird called Dustin

A bacon cabbage dinner

A bright colourful display

A baby can't drive

Another broken car door

A boy can dream

A bus changing direction

All binmen collect dustbins

Anxious boys can't dance

Ask before calling down

A big cat digger

A bacon cheese double

After Brexit comes disaster

A bar of Cadbury's Dairymilk

A Boston cream donut

All babies cuddle daddy

Arguments behind closed doors

American buffoon called Donald

Another bank closes down

All cars break down

Atlantic beside coast drive

Antonio Banderas can't dance

A band called Delorentos

Adjusting blinds confuses Dave

Always be careful driving

A big clear desk

All batteries continually decline

Always bring clean drawers

A big comfy duvet

Angry birds can detonate

Adults believe children don't

Alsatians bark cats don't

Americans brad Canadians don't

Alligators blink crocodiles don't

Animals behave children don't

Atheists believe Christian's don't

Apples bruise cucumbers don't

Acrobats balance clowns don't

Antelopes bounce cats don't

Asteroids burn comets don't

Alcohol burns creams don't

Ants bite caterpillars don't

Audiences behave crowds don't

Arsenal brag Chelsea don't

Another bus corridor don't

ANSWER: Apples bob, coins don't, fair play to Lisa from Waterford for cracking this one!!


Slane is a muddy concert

Stirling is a money currency

Samantha is a master chef

Sudeko is a mental challenge

Suzuki is a motor cycle

Sunshine is a mood changer

Spain is a Mediterranean country

Spiderman is a masked crusader

Siesta is a mid-day map

Sagittarius is a major constellation

Scuzz is a music channel

Steak is an main course

Sugar is a mighty condiment

Steer is a male cow

Stilton is a mouldy cheese

Spagetti is a main course

Steel is a metallic compound

Snake is a mobile classic

Shaving is a man's choice

Soft is a mouses cough

Summer is a month closer

Stampy is a Minecraft character

Sleep is a man's comfort

Sugar is a mood changer

Sligo is a mad county

Slane is a massive castle

Sing is a musical cartoon

Shopping is a mundane chore

Stupidness is a medical condition

ANSWER: Salem is a magic cat - how on earth did yee get that?!!! 


Does Dunkin' Donuts deliver

Dirty Dozen director's dead

Dermot drank Dave's Drink

Dermot detests Dragon's Den

Donald Duck date's Daisy

Didier Drogbas dad's dog

Dermot dreamt Dave's dead

Dermot dressed Dave's daughter

Dancing Des does disco

Dermot digs Devereux's dress

Dermot detests Dave's dog

Dermot delivered Dave's dryer

Don't drink Dave's decaff

Daisy Duke's double denim

Don't dunk Dave's donuts

Digger driver drives digger

Dermot destroyed Dave's dinner

Answer: Dave dunked Dermot's Digestive


Britain is a monarchy with a parliament

Bond is a man with a pistol

Bitch is a mother with a pup

Answer: Babe is a pig in a movie


The cat was bitten by the snake

The car was bought by the salesman

The cow was bolloxed in the slaughterhouse

Answer: The carpet was burned by the straighteners


The lemon is sour in the mouth

The loaf is soft in the middle

The laundry is still in the machine

The line is straight in the middle

The lent is starting in a month

The lasagne is still in the microwave

The Luas is slow in the morning

The lemon is sour in the mouth

The larks are singing in the morning

The letter is sent in the mail

The lie is safer in the mouth

The light is strong in the morning

The light is shinning in the meadow

The lollipop is soft in the middle

The Lunch is Shoved in the Microwave

The lunch is still in the microwave

The love is strong in the morning

The lark is singing in the meadow

The lever is stuck in the middle

The lady is smiling in the Mona Lisa

The Lada is stuck in the mud

The limousine is stretching in the middle

The lollipop is sucked in the mouth

The lime is sliced in the mojito

The Lego is sharp in the morning

The lettuce is soggy in the middle

The leg is stuck in the mud

Answer: The lasagne is spinning in the microwave


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