Like... a 5-day working week

This morning, I received this tweet from William, who had the whole bus to himself and only had to get up in the middle of the night for the privilege!


“Paula - lucky William, having the bus to himself. In an hour I’ll be en route to Dublin like a sardine for over an hour. And if it’s as balmy as you say it is... just yuck. I’m never close enough to the window to open it! ALSO -  what is with listening to music without headphones on. Or wearing headphones but having the volume so high that people twenty feet away can still hear it. ARGH, how is this socially acceptable?!”


I don’t know – is it socially acceptable? What else is socially accepted, but you wish wasn’t?


  • “General disrespect of other people, their stuff, public places, etc. Maybe things have always been this way and I haven't been alive long enough to know that.”


  • “Children in pubs Paula. Just, NO.”


  • “YouTube lifestyle vloggers!!”


  • “Dogs off leashes Paula. I’ve was bitten once and I just don’t think they should be allowed off leashes in every single public place, like most of them are!”


  • “I work in security I wish they could ban women coming into the shops in their PJs and doing their shopping - no worse sight!” – Tony in Tullow


  • “Oh Paula you’ve hit a nerve there, I’ve a group of trees across from my house where kids play but older kids come by once in a while and have music blaring from phones. Also my own kids watch videos going around the house just randomly and I’m like, are you oblivious to the fact I’ve the telly on and intended on hearing it? They look at me like I’m the one in the wrong. I’m only 39 I feel like 60!” - Cormac


  • “Throwing cigarette butts on the ground. I never understood why this isn't littering!” – it is! It just doesn’t seem to be enforced very much


  • “Posting pictures of children on social media without decent privacy settings!”


  • “Being late to every damn thing. And I’m the one who’s always late!! I know how rude it is but no matter how early I set off or prepare myself, I am always late!”


  • “A 5 day work week. I want more time to enjoy life!”


  • “Paula I work in a flower shop and regularly have people on their phones having full blown conversations while being served by yours truly!” - Martine.


  • “The stigma that college is an absolute necessity to be successful.”


  • “Shaming people for being quiet or introverted. I don’t like making a song and dance out of things, but it doesn’t mean I am unhappy!”