It happens!

Monday morning, and I opened the WhatsApp to this message at 5am:

“My heart is broken Paula! Basically l was due to go to the Stones in Croker with this guy who I am mad about! He announced yesterday he was taking another woman, my heart sank....! If you were me would you go to the gig... even if you knew he’d be there with someone else?! Thanks from a broken hearted Denise! 


Denise, yes I would go – Croke Park is huge and the chances of you running into him are pretty slim. Also, even if you did – you’re at the Rolling Stones, you won’t have time to be sad! Go. Go Go Go.

And this reminds me of the time I was asked to a debs and days later... uninvited. It happens!

Listeners got in touch to lend support to Denise and tell her about times they were let down... or times they let themselves down. Everyone had the potential to be a little sh1t when they were young - you're not alone. 



  • “Paula about 7 years ago I was going out with a guy and I found out he dumped me by logging onto Facebook and he had announced it... morto and the state of him! Now happily married by the way!” - Aisling


  • “Paula my mate was going out with someone for 7 months and one Sunday she rang me asking why I was out with her boyfriend the night before. Puzzled, I said I wasn’t... but if you look closely at the pics I had put up on Facebook from the night before, wasn’t he there in the background necking some other girl!! Caught rapid!”


  • “I was the horror on my debs night. I thought my date and I were going as just friends, and he was a nice enough fella, so I thought everything was fine. But as the evening progressed, I realized that he was hoping for more. I basically ignored him all night and then went to an after party without him. He was sucha  lovely fella, I still feel guilty (I’m 27)”


  • “Paula I was asked to a debs by a guy who told me I couldn’t wear heels in case I was taller than him... so I did the only thing a gal can do it that situation... went on my own!”



  • “Paula I went to U2 in Slane in 2001 with a girl I was mad about. I bought her the ticket and treated it like a first date and because I was so mad about her, I was really nervous. Had a few cans before meeting her, another few on the bus, more in the gig... I ended up being sick and she had to basically mind me. I look back and wonder how she tells the story... it’s mortifying.”


  • “Paula years ago a guy I had been out with a few times stopped texting me – literally disappeared. I was so upset. Last year, I saw him on Tinder and swiped right. HE DIDN’T RECOGNISE ME. Swapped numbers – I had a new number since the last time. Arranged a date and I stood him up. He was texting me for about an hour wondering where I was... I didn’t reply.”


  • “Paula that U2 story reminded me of about 10 years ago - A fella asked me to go to a concert with him, when I got to the venue, he also brought his girlfriend with him. I haven’t replied to his messages ever since, obv!”


  • “Paula. I was stood up for the St. Michaels formal in 1993. I'm still hopeful; in fact I'm still waiting at the Manor House Hotel. I'm not bitter but I am cold. I've also grown a large beard and long fingernails so she might not recognise me.” Joey