Easily offended people: please gird your loins

Unpopular opinions. We all have one... y’know, that one thing that niggles at you but you can’t really say out-loud because freedom of speech seems only to be okay when it’s the right kind of speech.

Not on Early Breakfast though! You gave your unpopular opinions and we listened:


  • Ed Sheran is brilliant. Me boll*x.
  • I hope England win the world cup. We shout for their players every weekend yet just because we are Irish we want those same players to lose because they play for England.
  • I f@#king hate soccer and gaa !!! And 90% of people.
  • Prince is overrated
  • Guinness is Horrible
  • I don’t like Morrissey's voice...he is over rated
  • Absolutely dread Mrs brown's boys. Not funny at all.
  • Ryanair are  the best airline!
  • I think Bruno Mars is hugely overrated!
  • Dog owners who don't pick up after their dogs should have their dogs taken from them
  • I hate twitter, never liked it. It's just a load of shite.
  • We need RAIN. I’m a farmer and we desperately need some rain.
  • Bono can't sing, he just can't.
  • Rashers never taste as good as they smell!
  • I like man buns
  • The Frog Chorus is McCartney’s best song
  • Like 99% of all tattoos out there, yours is horrible!
  • Black pudding is nicer when it’s cold
  • Fish and chips are always disappointing
  • James Corden is really talented
  • Ed Sheeran, Gavin James, Jamie Lawson, James Bae and all the rest of the one man with a guitar generation are all the same. No difference between any of them.
  • Paula, here's an unpopular view for you.....Ireland has become WAY too liberal for our own good.
  • William Shatner’s version of common people is better than Pulp
  • Everyone else’s children are awful. Mine are amazing.