"Talking Pony"

Yesterday we found out the that the Irish passport is the 6th most powerful passport in the world and we're chuffed to be honest. Irish citizens can travel visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 185 destinations around the world.

These lists that rank countries based on different criteria seem to surface every few months, such as the World Happiness Report, in which we ranked 14th this year. But we reckon there has to be a list that the Irish would come in at No. 1 on and the Early Breakfast listeners were on hand to decide what that list might be:

Morning Pamela, getting a bit wet &wild in Wicklow!! Surely we’d top the list as weather analysts, its all we talk about. Joe

Insulting your friends as a form of affection or greeting. The Irish do it best. Davy from Athy

Moanin! We moan about everything: weather, price of things, politicians, our sports teams, the list goes on and on ....Barry Dublin

Talking “pony”for sure Ben in Wexford.

Pamela we're top of the list in back handed compliments and sarcasm. My mate Pat did a cool and very clever  thing in work the other day and said "what cha think of that then" with a smug grin. My reply was simple and effective "you're better to be born clever than pretty". Niall in Tipp

The Irish are best at begrudgery Cliff from Cork

Irish people are incredibly kind. Im an American who moved here 6 years ago and every single day Im reminded how generous you are! Jess

The Irish are fantastic story tellers. My grandfather was a well known seanchaí in our home town and people would travel from all over the country and even the world to hear him tell stories. It’s something that’s ingrained in us. Seán

On the subject of Irish kindness. Im from Spain but have lived her for 24 years. I couldn’t believe how welcoming the Irish people are when I first arrived and still to this day. Ireland feels more like home than Spain now. Isabelle