Your hitch-hiking tales

Juan Villarino has been called the King of the Ride!  No not that kind of ride, get your mind out of the gutter!  Villarino has mastered the art of hitch-hiking.  Equal parts Don Quixote and Che Guevara, he relies entirely on hitchhiking to cover tremendous distances. 

Most people would think there is no skill whatsoever in being a hitch-hike master, all you have to do is pretty much crack out your trusty thumb and stand there. But such notions would see Villarino give a big thumbs down!  According to the Argentinean there’s a great deal of skill involved to quickly and safely arrive at your destination. “You don’t catch a ride with your thumb,” he said, “You catch it with a smile.”  And that cheeky smile has served him well; he has catalogued every ride he has ever taken, 2,350 to be precise, that’s about 100,000 miles in 90 countries, which is actually enough to circumnavigate the globe four times!!  He’s a glutton for punishment.

If you fancy following in Villarino’s footsteps, here are the countries with the shortest hitch-hiking wait times:

Iraq: 7 minutes

Jordan: 9 minutes

Romania: 12 minutes

The longest:

Norway: 46 minutes

Afghanistan: 47 minutes

Sweden: 51 minutes



Here are some of your hitch-hiking tales...