An Irish man living in London discovered just how convincing he can be when ordering personalized jars of Nutella in Selfridges. Neil Delamere spoke to Shocko, aka Derry writer Seamas O’Reilly, about how the English would believe that Arsemuck is the Irish version of ‘Arsenio’.

As Shocko revealed, the personalisation of the jars of chocolate spread has been notoriously strict around the world. Last year, a little girl in Australia named after Egyptian goddess Isis was refused her own jar as she shared her name with a terrorist organisation whilst Elvis Costello’s brother Ronan McManus was refused one on account of McManus containing a dirty word!

Despite the challenges, Shocko used almost military tactic to successfully print not just one, but three questionably rude phrases on jars of Nutella he purchased in Sansbury’s.

Have a listen to him and Neil here: 

He is also a brilliant letter writer and check out his site for some of the brilliant notes he has written to lonely hearts columns in London’s Metro newspaper for their commuter columns, ones such as these:

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And why not this too, based on one of our favourite (bad) tv quiz shows: 

Seamus O'Reilly, we salute you! 

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